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Hey ladies. So 2 weeks ago I started with strep throat and had some antibiotics (dicloxacillin) left over from my last round of mastitis almost 2 months ago. We were dropped from our insurance and in the process of getting on with my husbands insurance so of course this is the time I get sick. My throat cleared up quick, then I end up with a cold that turned into a sinus infection and I go in and get ammoxicillin.

So I have been on that for 3 days and was feeling really good again and decided to visit my mom yesterday. Stupid me I should have brought my pump with me (I EP) and ended up going 7 hours without pumping. Woke up this morning with a fever of 102, breast was bright red on the same side I had mastitis on before (I also had mastitis twice before on the same side when I BF my daughter) and my body was shaking really bad. My whole body hurt and my supply was almost half of what it normally is on that side (I get out 30 oz on that one side alone, 50 oz total during the day).

So I call my OB and say "Is this even possible to get mastitis while I have been on antibiotics for 2 weeks?" He says I either need a different antibiotic or its abscessed and go into the ER. Off I go and when I get there I'm 104 and and cant see straight from the migraine that started due to the fever. They hook me to an IV, run a million blood tests, do an ultrasound and get fluids in me. Not abscessed *yet* but they gave me a massive dose of a new antibiotic (clindamycin) and now take 3 pills of that 4 times a day WHILE taking the ammoxicillin for my sinus infection that is almost totally cleared up (still coughing bad from bronchitis but its breaking up too). So we go to get my new antibiotic and its $178!! I wish they had told me that to start with but I suppose I have no choice but to pay it. I am now sitting here miserable, hot/cold, temp is now 101, no energy and feeling awfully depressed.

So I guess this is more of a vent and coming to terms that I think it is time I retired this one breast that keeps getting clogged and mastitis. I never wanted to give my son formula but now I will have to supplement once I wean off pumping from the one side. I'm still trying to get this thing to unclog (using hot wet cloths on it, lots of massage and so on but it just doesn't want to unclog. Dr is hoping it will once the infection is under control.)

Anyone else go through something like this? It just feels like when it rains it pours you know? It all just had to happen during the month we have no insurance... I just wish I knew when this thing would unclog because it hurts so badly. If I could, I would just stop pumping all together on that side and be done with it, but as it is I'll have to pump constantly to keep it empty and try to unclog it. I'm emotionally a wreck and just so mad at myself that this happened. Thank you ladies for letting me vent about it. Any words of wisdom or tips to get unclogged are greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Mastitis...again. - longish

  • Just want to say that you don't have to give up! I had mastitis at week 2 and have gotten plugged ducts every few days since. They suck but I get rid of them ASAP so I don't get mastitis again. Feel for lumps each time and do your best to get them out right away. I think taking lecithin has also helped me.
    Good luck!
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  • Well, a popular saying around here is don't quit on a bad day...

    I get clogged ducts occasionally, but I haven't gotten an infection yet. As soon as I find one, I nurse on that side first. I use breast compressions and massage while I'm feeding my baby. After he finishes, I pump on that side with a heating pad over the lump. I have also nursed him and used breast compressions while kneeling over top of him while he is on his back. Once you get it unclogged, make sure you're nursing or pumping at least every 3 to 4 hours, depending on the age of your baby. I'm mobile bumping now. Good luck! Hang in there!
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