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Some of you know I have really been struggling with BFing? I saw 4 different LC?s had a nipple shield etc.  Well one of the LC?s told me my baby was TT (tongue tied)? long story short 1 LC and 1 pediatrician said yes TT and 1 LC and 1 pedi said no.  So I took LO to an ENT, he said she was very slightly? he said it was so slight it probably was not the problem with the latch? but because of other long term effects (speech delay, etc) we decided to correct it, in hopes it helped with BFing.  


Well the TT clip helped her suck, she sucks much deeper and harder ,but it did not necessarily help her latch.  I saw another (different) LC today and she helped my LO latch.  My LO did a great job and it gave me such hope!  It is very hard to get that same latch when I am solo? it is going to take patients and practice but I KNOW we can get there.  It still hurts due to the blisters and damage previously done but I think those will heal.  I am looking forward to a long BFing relationship J


P.S. If anyone on here lives in AZ and needs a good LC I would be more than happy to give you the information for the LC I saw today? Because I know there are non-helpful ones ot there!

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Re: BFing Update (XP)

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