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Birth Story (PIP)

So after being stuck on bedrest since 25 weeks, I went in last Wed for my induction.  Since I was already 4-5cm we all figured things would move quickly.  We got to the hospital at 10am, started Pitocin at noon, they gave me an epi and broke my water at 4:20pm and we waited.

 I was getting really strong and really painful contractions.  Really painful.  They lasted through the night and I didnt get any sleep.  We had multiple anesthesiologists in and out trying to figure out why I was having so much pain.  They decided that my epi was not in correctly and they did a new one.  I started having massive back spasms and they couldnt figure out why I was still in pain.  I got a new anesthesiologist who was able to take some of the edge off.

After 30 hours, I had only dilated another 2cm and was holding at 7cm.  Baby girl wouldnt let baby boy continue down the birth canal.  He never got past station 0.  We all decided that labor was not going to progress any further and that a c-section was the next step.  At this point I was done and just wanted it to be over.  I expressed my concern about the pain to my anesthesiologist and she ended up staying past her shift so that she could be in there with me.

**If you have not given birth yet, fair warning that this next part is scary** 

Without getting into the gory details, it ends up that my body blocks pain medication, and I felt just about everything except the first incision.  The pain meds were not doing the job.  I could even move my legs. I only really remember them taking baby boy out.  After that the pain was just too much and I kind of went delirious.  I remember asking my anesthesiologist to kill me.  To please put me out of my misery.   She was trying with different meds but they were not working.  I also had a really bad bleed.  It was pretty much everywhere.  Floor, Drs pants, etc.  They were having a hard time getting baby girl out, and thats why they couldnt give me the really good stuff, but as soon as she was out, my anesthesiologist blasted me with something that finally gave me some relief. They wanted to give me a blood transfusion the next few days, but since I wasnt dizzy or fainting, I declined it.

It was pretty much the worst experience of my life and really traumatizing.  I will never do this again.  Ever.  But the thing that made it all worth it is that Anthony William was born at 4:48pm and his sister Julia Grace came at 4:52 and they are perfect.  No NICU time, no issues, nothing.  Just 2 little miracles.


DX: PCOS/Recurrent losses/MTHFR mutation (compound hetero)
5 hysteroscopies/2 surgical
3 Inject IUIs = 2 m/c's and 1 BFN
IVF #1= BFP. m/c at 7w6d. Needed 2 D&C's and scar tissue removal. Mild OHSS
IVF #2 = BFP. Severe OHSS. 4 Drainings. TWINS!

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