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*****2IF Grad Check In*****

Welcome to the 2IF Grad Check In! We want to hear from all of 2IF grads, past and present. You ladies give us hope!

This is the place to talk about all things pregnancy and baby: betas, bumps, ultrasounds, gender reveals, birth stories, special milestones, pictures, cute things your LO's are doing now and anything else you'd like to share!

If this is your first grad check in please share a little bit about your IF history for those of us who may not know how you reached this point (# of cycles, treatments, etc) and how far along you are or how old your LO is now?

QOTW:  Do you have any pets? Tell us a little about your fur babies or if you don't have any would you consider them in the future (if your LO wants one)?

Sorry this is so past due but I've been pretty down in the dumps lately. I would love to hear from all of our grads though. You always bring me hope and I love hearing from all of you.
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First Time: DD born 3/2011 after trying for two years, LAP, and two IUIs w/ Femera + Ovidrel
This Time: 4/12 Femera IUI #1 BFN, 5/12 Femera + TI BFN, 6/12 Femera + IUI #2 BFN, 7/12 Femera + IUI #3 BFN, 8/12 Follistim IUI #4 BFN
IVF #1: ER 11/5/12 : 17 eggs retrieved/6 fertilized, ET 11/10/12 : 5dt of 2 embies/0 frosties BFN
IVF #2: ER 1/28/13 : 12 eggs retrieved/9 fertilized, ET 2/2/13 : 5dt of 2 embies/0 frosties BFN
IVF #3: ER 4/15/13 : 13 eggs retrieved/7 fertilized, ET 4/18/13 : 3dt of 3 embies/0 frosties BFN
Laparoscopy 5/24/13 : Stage 2 Endo, Scaring, and Both tubes Blocked but successfully Opened
IVF #4 (Clinical Trial): ER 7/22/13 : 15 eggs/8 fertilized, ET 7/25/13 : 3dt of 3 embies/0 frosties BFN
IVF #5: ER 11/4/13 : 13 eggs/12 fertilized, ET 11/9/13 : 5dt of 2 embies/0 frosties BFP!!! Beta 11/20/13 = 447 1 Beautiful Baby! EDD: July 28, 2014

Re: *****2IF Grad Check In*****

  • Hi. I'm still scared to call myself a grad.

    IF History: TTC #2 since Jan 2011. 2 losses. DX; age/low AMH. I did 5 medicated cycles, 3 IUIs. no success. I moved in Jan to CA. while waiting to find a new RE and do IVF we conceived on our own.

    Update: I will be 13 weeks on Monday. I am waiting results of MaterniT21 blood test. This is new test which looks at baby's DNA to test for genetic abnormalities. If all goes well we plan to announce our news next weekend. My parents know and a few close friends,

    QOTW: we have a six year old yellow lab named Sydney. seriously she is the most popular member of our family. everyone loves her.  She is awesome with DD, who is 4.Id love to have a cat again but I'm super allergic.   

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  • Like KK, I'm a bit nervous to call myself a grad since I'm so new to it.

    IF History: Extended details in siggy, but here's the abbreviated version: TTC #2 since Aug '09.  CP in Dec '10. Dx with low progesterone and annovulatory in May '11.  Secondary Dx - Stage III endo in April '12.  2nd IUI with injects on 5/5/13 = BFP!

    Update: I will be 5 weeks tomororw.  I've had two betas (113 @ 14dpo, and 353 @16dpd) so things seem to be progressing so far. Our CP ended around 5 weeks so I think if we can make it through this next week I'll feel a bit better. We have our thiird beta and our first u/s on 6/3!

    QOTW: We have two furbabies, an old crotchity farm rescue kitty named Shoeless (he's gray with white "socks" on his feet) and an almost 3-year old peek-a-poo named Sadie. Both are pretty good with our current DD who is 5, but the dog is much more of a snuggler and a total Mamma's girl :)


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    5/07 - DD conceived naturally cycle #1

    8/09 - Started TTC #2
    11/10 - BFP!
    12/10 - MC (Chemical Pregnancy)
    2/11 - IUI #1 with clomid & trigger = BFN
    5/11- Switched to a Fertility Specialist, Dx with low progesterone and annovulatory, several rounds of
             clomid = BFN's
    4/12 - Exploratory Lap, Dx Stage III endo
    5/12 - 7/12 - Lupron injections to suppress AF and reduce scar tissue
    8/12 - Surgery to remove tissue, uterus and tubes clear!
    9/12-12/12 - More BFN's!
    1/13 - Referred to an RE
    2/13 - IUI #1 with injects and new RE = BFN
    3/13 - 4/13 - Break due to cysts
    5/13 - IUI #2 with injects (125ml bravelle + trigger) = BFP!!!
    EDD - 1/23/14


  • I can't quite believe I'm posting here. It's all very surreal and I remain cautiously excited.

    After a year of trying: 3 IUIs and 1 IVF that we lost at 5 weeks I miraculously conceived while on a break. I am 8 weeks along. Once we saw the hb my nerves eased slightly but I am still nervous.
    Graduating to OB on June 6th.
    QOTW: we have one fur baby. An almost 8 yr old maltipoo named Hardy. He and DS get along great!
    Dx PCOS Three cycle of Clomid- BFN HSG- clear 6/09-Follistim and HCG IUI on 7/7/09 BFN 7/09- Follistim and Ovidrel IUI on 8/11/09 BFP! beta #1-342 beta #2-717 Joey was born on 5/5/10 Trying for #2 since 6/12 6/12- Gonal F and Ovidel IUI on 7/10. BFN 8/12- Gonal F and Ovidrel. IUI on 8/10. BFN 9/12- Gonal F and Ovidrel IUI BFN 10/22 Gonal F, Menopur, Ganirelex 11/4 trigger 11/6 ER 14R 10F 11/11 ET transferred one 4AA embryo beta 11/20! BFP Betas stop multiplying . m/c at 5 weeks moving on to FET if my numbers ever get back to 0!
  • AshB62AshB62
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    Hi ladies! I'm so happy to see a few new grads!

    Update: 22 weeks today! I had an appt this past week and both babies look great. My cervix is also long and closed up tight, which is a relief. I'm terrified of preterm labor. I'm counting down the days to viability. We found out a few weeks ago that we're having two boys!! DD is excited about having two little brothers to boss around!

    QOTW: DD has two guinea pigs, but I'm slightly allergic to them, so she and DH mostly take care of them. We're planning to get a dog eventually. We haven't been able to because of our rental agreement, but we're in the process of buying a house now. 

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    DD born 12/21/07 @ 40w6d
    TTC #2 since 1/10
    4 m/c: 8/9/10, 12/11/10, 5/20/11, 5/23/12
    Dx PCOS 9/12
    4 cycles Femara
    BFP 1/19/13
    Betas: 16dpo- 1147, 19dpo- 4131
    u/s 1/28/13- Twins!!
    Fraternal Boys born 9/18/13 @ 38w4d
  • Also super nervous to post here. My history is in my siggy, but we've been ttc since Aug '11. We had 4 iuis that resulted in bfns, 1 ivf that resulted in a m/c and are now 9 weeks pregnant with twins after a FET cycle.

    I've been pretty sick most days and am a nervous wreck. Counting down the days until my next u/s on June 11.

    Qotw: We have 2 lab mixes named Oliver and Winston. They are 1 1/2 years old and we love them. They are still very hyper, so hopefully they will calm down some a bit before the babies get here! We also have 2 cats, which I could do without.
    TTC #3 (#1 for DH) since September 2011. DX: Unexplained infertility with possible cervical factor. May 2012 did clomid with IUI - BFN August 2012 IUI #2 w/ follistim/letrozole - BFN September 2012 IUI #3 w/ follistim/letrozole - BFN October 2012 IUI #4 w/ follistim/letrozole - BFN November/December 2012 IVF/ICSI #1 Retrieved 12 eggs, 8 fertilized. Transferred 1 beautiful embryo and 5 made it to freeze. Got my BFP! January 2013 u/s showed empty gestational sac. FET cycle April 2013.  Transferred 2 5 day embryos.  BFP!!!!!  2 heartbeats!!!!  EDD:  12/27/13
  • Hello, 

    Today is hard for me since I been spotting for two days now. I am so scared this dream will end before it had began. I am at home in bed resting and having DH take care of DD.

    We been TTC for number two for almost two years. First baby came on a natural IUI cycle on the second try. This time I had six failed IUIs and one failed IVF, which did give us 7 frozen embryos. We used two in a FET cycle which was positive. First beta was a little over 300, second was 660 and third was over 1400. I have my first ultrasound on June 6. I am so worried this pregnancy wont stick. I am five weeks and six days. 

    We have two cats and a bunny. The bunny is a girl and the cats are boys. We do not spend  as much time with them as we should, but they have been there for me for some tough times. Cats are named Fluffy and Frankie and the bunny is Flopsolita. 

    Good luck to all and I wish you all the best!  


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  • Hi!

    Hx:  ttc #2 for 2 years RE  couldn't find anything wrong which was so frustrating. Had 1 mc at 6 wks and a CP.  Conceived on a natural cycle while monitoring an ovarian cyst.  

    Update: I'm almost 13 weeks and feeling pretty good no more morning sickness!  I actually started feeling flutters the past few days which is so amazing and reassuring!! My last sono was at 10 weeks with my OB and everything looked good.  Baby was measuring ahead so they moved my due date up to December 2nd but I will have a repeat c-section at 39 weeks.  

    No pets here but my DS keeps asking for a puppy so maybe in a couple of years!!  

    Seems like the board has been on a roll with BFP!!!!  Hoping to see lots more :) 

    DS born 9/2009 ~
    TTC baby #2 since January 2011 ~ BFP May 2011 -mc at 6 weeks ~ November 2012=CP ~ Jan 2012 started seeing RE dx: unexplained infertility ~Natural cycle 3/26/13-BFP on HPT!  3/28/13-beta#1 72  4/1/12-beta#2 440. 4/3/13-beta#3 970  EDD: 12/5/2013

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