Mazda 5/Kia Sorento anyone?

Hi Ladies, 

I am in need of some car help and was wondering if anyone owns a Mazda 5 or Kia Sorento?

We currently have a Honda crv and when we put the boys convertible car seats in, our front seats are pushed up so far, and no one can fit in the back seat anymore. All our family lives out of town so we usually have someone visiting and need to be able to fit other people in the car.

We need something with a 3rd row, but don't really want to go to a minivan. We are deciding between the Mazda 5 (which is closer to a minivan) or the Kia Sorento. Anyone have either of these vehicles? Anything you love/hate about them?

Thanks for your input! 

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Re: Mazda 5/Kia Sorento anyone?

  • My parents had a Mazda 5 and while you are able to fit someone in the 3rd row, its still not as roomy and comfortable IMO. I had my daughter in her convertable carseat in their car one time and my older sister was sitting in the other seat in the second row. My younger sister and I rode in the 3rd row and I remember being a little cramped and feeling like my legs were a big close to my chest. I dont have any experience w the Sorento although i did own a Sportage and it was comfy but I would imagine that the knees to the chest feeling wouldnt be as much of an issue because the vehicle sits up higher. Not sure about how roomy it is though.
  • We just bought a Mazda 5 and with the carseats in the middle row, there is very little leg room in the third row. If you will be using the third row seating regularly, I would not recommend the Mazda 5!

    ETA that things we like about the Mazda 5 are the price and the cargo room, and since it's just us and our 4 week old twins, it's the right size for us. We didn't think we needed the big minivan just yet. The negatives are that it can feel petty cramped with the carseats in the middle row. We have the Chicco Keyfit 30s and with those in, we have to push the front seats forward making the legroom in the front passenger seat quite cramped, even for me and I'm only 5'5". And as I said, the legroom in the 3rd row with the carseats in is really cramped.
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  • We're doing the same shopping and our top 3 are the GMC Acadia, the Acura mdx, or the Mazda cx 9 I think. They are more roomy without being huge like a suburban. That's about all the info I've got, ha, sorry! My DH has been doing all the research. ;
  • I drive a Mazda 5 and I absolutely love it but we only really use it for the four of us. I wouldn't recommend it if you're going to try to use the 3rd row seats too.

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  • Thank you ladies for your input! Car hunting is exhausting.....!
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    My sister had a KIA sportage, a bit smaller than the Sorrento. I had to use it when twins were very young. And I liked it decor for the fact that the back doors didn't open very wide! It's like they bounce back on you and that is not pleasant or helpful if you're taking carseats in or out. I would never have thought to check that on a car before, so just thought I'd mention it!
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