At target today some lady stopped me to talk about the twins and to ask how my labor was. I get all sorts of random questions from strangers so whatever, I told her it was a csection. Her response? Why do you young people always take the easy way out by having csections?
Um. I didn't realize a csection was the easy way out? First off, breech twins involve a csection. I had major surgery, i couldnt move from my hospital bed for the entire first day, had terrible pain for weeks, that area is still numb and I have a lovely visible scar. I didn't realize that this was the easy way out. Hmmm.
I never understood why people who have had csections would get so mad if someone asked if they had their babies "normally" or "by csection". I totally get it now that I have had one. Having a csection doesn't make you not normal.
Anyways. My response to the woman was to just give her a dirty look and walk away. No use fighting it but people are just so nosey!

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  • A few weeks ago I made a comment about having delivered 4 children to DH's aunt. The wretched witch laughed at me and said that I hadn't delivered ANY children, and that three csections didn't count as a "delivery." I couldn't get out of there fast enough.
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  • Dangit Target!!

    S0ulchicken, that's awful!! I think I would have cried....or said something snarky like "That's right; the best part of Csections is when the stork arrives with the babies!" :p
  • Ummm.... WTF lady?  Most people assume that I had one just because they are twins.  Never really had a negative response from it. It would have taken a lot to keep me from punching someone like that.  Sounds like you handled it very well.
  • Wow... It's so awesome when people talk about things they have no experience with! Sorry people suck!

    I'm thinking of taking the boys to Target tomorrow, guess I better get ready for some unsolicited advice... Seems like people love to give advice at Target lol
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  • OMG that is awful. I get the same questions and when I tell people I had a vaginal birth they frequently respond with comments like "good job, mama!" which I think is an obnoxious thing to say and so hurtful to anyone who didn't happen to have babies (or baby) who cooperated. A vaginal birth with twins is just a matter of the stars aligning. And I've never had a c-section but I certainly don't consider major surgery the "easy way out." You have my respect and I'm sure your babies are grateful you made their safety your #1 priority!



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  • I'm going to stay away from Target! I don't understand why she needed to know that information. I get that people are nosey and ask the dreaded question of do twins run in your family, but come on now.
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  • I truly admire any mama who delivers vaginally. I was induced and 12 hours later with no progress my son was born c-section. My twins will be c-section at the advice of my Dr and to be honest I prefer it. I have heard horror stories about each type of birth, and for me, c-section is my preference method.  I feel horrible horrible, I use humor in uncomfortable situations and I joke that I took the easy way out, no tearing, no pushing, limited pain when when the subject comes up. I did hurt, but my overall experience was less frightening for me, I was terrified of natural birth. I mean absolutely no disrespect to any mama and I hope that woman who said that to you got 4 flat tires in the target parking lot!
  • I'd have flashed that rude b*tch my C-section scar and said, "This looks easy to you?"  I hate when people think a C-section is easier.  Sure the level of effort you put in during the actual delivery is lower, but the risks are higher and the recovery takes longer so it all balances out in the end. 



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  • Rude!  I cannot believe that lady said that to you!   
  • I had a vaginal birth and 2 c/s, the vaginal birth was definitely the "easy way out", BY FAR.

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  • So obnoxious! I had a csection because A was breech and someone said to me, Aw, why didn't you try for a natural delivery after I told her A was breech. So many things wrong in that comment.
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