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Team Green turned into Team Pink :)

On May 14th we welcomed a baby girl to our family!

Adalyn Joan was born @ 4:38pm Tuesday May 14th...I was induced due to my chronic high blood pressure.

Monday night I was admitted to get Misoprostol to get things going. I had 2 doses of it when my water broke on its own around 4:30am. They started the Pitocin around 6:30am and they kept upping the dose every 1/2 hr. Things were progressing slowly but painfully due to the Pitocin so I got some morphine around 10ish which did NOTHING but make me not be able to keep my eyes open in between contractions. Around 1pm I went for the epi which ended up being the best thing. I was 3cm when I got it and with in 2hrs I was 10cm. I didn't even have a clue because I was sleeping once I got it due to the Morphine. I was all ready to push but my Dr. told me to wait because she was 40mins out. No one thought it would be so quick seeing as I am a FTM. Once she finally got there it was 9 pushes and we found out that we had a beautiful baby girl. All and all it was a pretty great birth and it made waiting to know what we were having so special.

***Wanted to post a pic but can't seem to figure out how to :(

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