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Avery Elaine's Birth story. PIP duh!


Scheduled induction May 20. Born on May 21, 2013 at 10:44am. Weighing 7lb3oz and is 21 inches long. Healthy. Mommy and baby are doing great.


We went in for a scheduled induction on Monday night. My appointment was at 5:00pm, but because of the full moon, everyone and their mom were having babies. They sent me down to get a very light meal and to come back at 6:00pm. I was finally able to get checked in and went into the L&D room. I was hooked up to my IV and answered the buttload of medical history questions. She checked me, and I was pretty much closed, but soft. At 7:30pm, they started me on a gel that ripens my cervix to help the pitocin dilate me. The gel caused some intense cramping and it caused me to lose my glitter plug.

At midnight, they started me on the pitocin drip, and every half hour, the nurse would come in and up the dosage. I started to get intense back labor and found it hard to get into a comfortable position. The back labor became constant and it was accompanied by intense uterine contractions, which were 2-3 minutes apart. The nurse gave me ambien to help me sleep, but I was in so much pain that I was wide awake. At 2:00am, I asked for the epidural. I wanted to go as long as possible without it to see how long I could labor for, but caved in a lot earlier than I thought I would. I was able to move my legs with the epidural, so every hour when the nurse came in, I had to turn to my other side. I finally got some sleep and passed out for about 4 hours total.

At 5am, she checked me, and I was only at a 4. The doctor came in at 7am and broke my water. This is when I started to get uncomfortable. I was getting all the pressure in my back and it felt like I needed to push out a giant bowel. The nurse checked me at 9am, and I was inbetween a 7 and 8. The pressure became very painful and when she checked me at 10, it was showtime. We did practice pushing to get the babys head in the right position. At 10:40, my doctor came in and had to snip me once to make room for baby. I pushed 3 times, and she was out. He threw her in Carl's arms right when she came out, and then put her on my chest while they cut the cord. She managed to kicked her unclean foot directly in my mouth while they were doing that. The nurses cleaned her up and my doctor delivered the placenta. (That image will be burned in my mind for the rest of my life) While in the womb, Avery managed to flip around so much that she had a true knot in her cord. It was a loose knot, but If it was any tighter, my doctor said that we would have lost her.

45 minutes after her birth we attempted breastfeeding. During the session, I became really faint. The nurse was called in and Carl grabbed Avery out of my arms. She took my blood pressure and it was 60/41. They called the anesthesiologist in and he began pumping my with steroids to get my bp up. I finally felt better and picked up where I left off in feeding. So far she is thriving. She passed all of her tests and is eating like a champ. She has her days and nights confused, so she sleeps all day and is awake all night. We came home yesterday and we're adjusting to life with our newest addition.


right after birth


1 day old. hospital photoshoot

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Avery Elaine 5/21/13

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