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What percentage of your day...?

Just wondering how much of your day LO spends in a carrier/bouncer/crib/your arms/etc.  DD has started to get a small flat spot on her head and I feel horrible about it.  I didn't think she was spending that much time in a "baby holder" but now I am not so sure.  How much time is yours spending off his/her back?

Re: What percentage of your day...?

  • Where else would LO spend time at this stage when they can't hold their heads up yet? My LO is almost always on her back or on her side, and she changes her head position throughout the day. She prefers to sleep on her side, so we change which side she lays on. She spends quite a bit of time in her vibrating chair, almost always with the vibration off though, or sitting propped up against the Boppy. Sometimes she's in the swing or her play mat. The only time I can think of when she doesn't put pressure on her head is when I hold her up to burp her or carry her, or during tummy time.
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  • DS2 spends a good portion of his time in his RNP since he sleeps all night there, he takes one 3 hour nap in his swing a day, and he lays on his back on his activity mat and he is in his carseat a good deal as well. I do try to do tummy time twice a day, we have started using the jumper since he has good head control, and I wear him in the carrier as much as possible when we are out. But he does spend the majority of his time with some pressure on his head. He has a small flat spot in the back but I'm not going to start worrying unless it gets worse.

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  • Don't feel bad! At this rate they spend most of their time sleeping so it is hard to avoid them being on their backs. DS has a slight flat spot on the left side that his ped noticed at his 2 month check up. She recommended lots of tummy time and making sure he wasn't always turning to the left while on his back. I'm on mobile so I can't see how old your LO is but give it time. I've noticed DS's spot getting better as he has more awake time because he spends a lot more of that time on his belly or sitting up!
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    DS has a pretty good flat spot on right side of his head. He prefers to look that direction and hold it that way when he's sleeping. There's not a lot you can do at this point other than more tummy time. DS decided all of a sudden he's not a fan of tummy time anymore so he doesn't get it as often. I have the noggin nest, made from boppy, to put under him when he's on the floor/swing/carseat and its helped quite a bit.

    It'll go away when LO can sit/roll. I'm just trying to keep it from getting worse to prevent a helmet.

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    Mine sleeps 12 hrs at night (waking to feed of course) so is in her crib on her back.  We rotate which way her head is facing about once a week but since she has the head of crib elevated it's harder to do this more often.

     During the day she sends some naps in crib but not many yet.  She spends a few hours (about 3) in the baby carrier each day, more when we are out and about. 

    She does not spend much time in the car seat, on days we use car she is only in it while driving.

    She spends maybe 30min on tummy time mat, but usually has a good nap on belly on couch or bed beside me.

    I would say she spends at least 3-4 hours in our arms these days.

    So far her head seems to remain rounded!


  • Are you doing tummy time?  It is definitely not the majority of our day, but it is part of it.

    Our pedi recommended making sure LO was laying a different way on his head every time we put him to sleep - sometimes with his head facing left, sometimes facing right - to prevent flat spots from happening.



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    Honestly? Probably 70% of the day.  Basically all times that I am not holding him, since his favorite position is up on my shoulder or nursing him.  He sleeps on his back in a PNP, spends some time in the bouncer or swing (probably 3 hours total in the day) and he spends time on his activity mat. And then there's the carseat.  I don't ;eave him in it once we're home, but he'll usually go from there to activity mat or a PNP nap  As I mentioned on PAL, he hates tummy time, so a lot of time is on his back.

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    my LO has a flat spot on the back right side from always sleeping with his head in one direction.  our doc noticed it at his 2 month appt.  she recommended rotating his head while he sleeps, placing him on the changing table both ways so he practices looking different directions, changing the car seat position in the car once a month (sometimes back left, sometimes back right) and more tummy time.  she said it should go away on its own...but it still worries me.  i 

     i wear him about 5 hours a day, hold him 6 hours a day and he is in a crib for about 9 hours at night.  he's in a bouncy seat for about an hour or two a day and car seat an hour or two depending on the day.  he gets only 30 min tummy time a day...usually after a few min of tummy time he starts to cry! 

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  • Our pedi said almost every baby will end up with a flat spot on the back of their head, and you can't help it because they just spend so much times on their backs right now. She said as long as one side isn't flatter than the other, it's nothing to worry about, and it'll start to fix itself by about 6 months.

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