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my brest friend or boppy nursing pillow?

Anyone using either of these? I'm using a regular boppy and find it too low/squishy...
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Re: my brest friend or boppy nursing pillow?

  • I have heard that both are pretty similar.  I use a MBF.  The Boppy Nursing Pillow wasn't available when I had DD1.

    I like it but can't compare it to Boppy since I don't own one.

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  • With DD I got the newborn nurser pillow to go with the Boppy and really liked it.  I didn't love the Boppy without it for at least a month.


  • I love the my breast friend. One of the best items I received for baby.
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    I have both and I think the MBF works better. It's comfy, but firmer, which makes it more stable for positioning the baby. 
  • The lactation consultant I saw in the hospital told me that My Brest Friend is best for women with long torsos. I used mine a ton the first week or two while I was limited in how I could sit due to a tear, but now I find that I don't need it much.

  • I have the Boppy nursing pillow, and I think the main difference between it and the My Best Friend is that the MBF has a cushioned piece that wraps around your back, versus a strap.  At first I didn't mind the nylon strap that went around my back, but the more I've used the nursing Boppy, it has gotten bunched together and now kind of digs into my back.  I would think the padded backing for the MBF would be a little nicer and more comfortable than the Nursing Boppy because of it, IMO.

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  • I am not a fan of the boppy for the exact reason you mentioned. I like MBF better but it is so crazy in this house that I am usually nursing and walking around holding LO.
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  • I have both and I vote for MBF, boppy is to bulky IMO and very tight around my flabby mom belly. MBF is nice and I like how it snaps so it won't move and has the support for my back and makes it easier for various positions.


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  • image LN1024:
    I have both and I think the MBF works better. It's comfy, but firmer, which makes it more stable for positioning the baby. 

    I agree! 

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