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when to start wearing pants?!? ha

We pretty much live day and night in a onesie. I was just wondering if it's weird that I don't put pants or shorts on LO when we go out??? I feel like all her pants are sooo long plus it's 80-90degreese here in Florida. Does your little one wear anything over their onesie while out? 



Re: when to start wearing pants?!? ha

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    I'm in Canada and so far going around with just a onesie would likely classify as a child neglect.  BUT, I don't see why it would be weird if it is warm enough.  Would look perfectly fine and would be so much easier for diaper changes!!


  • When we go out and we are going to be indoors, always. Unless it's cold I might do a sleeper. Sleepers or gowns at night. I don't think it really matters though as long as they're comfy.

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    I've put shorts on DS once and only because it went with an outfit for a wedding we went to. We live in Texas and at home he's just in a diaper. When we go out, just the onesie.

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  • I didn't start doing shorts until my LO could sit up. Not sure why, it was just easier access in just a onsie to change diapers. Do whatever you feel like :)
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    DD is also usually in a onesie. I have been putting dresses on her a little more lately because it seems more comfortable when it's warm. Although today i put her in a cute jumper. Went to see her at child care during lunch and the ladies had make up all over her sleeve. Gross.

  • Nope.  Most of the time, he is in a onesie only.  We only put on pants if it is cool outside, if he is going to be in the sun, or if we are going to church or some other place where I want him to look a little more put together.  Otherwise, it is just another step in the diaper change, and it hides his cute chubby legs!



  • If its warm enough go for it. Putting pants on a baby is a pain in the butt. I almost always have DS in one piece things like rompers or sleepers because it is just easier! 
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  • Also in Florida. If we go to the mall or something I put her in pants because it's so cold inside but at home or quick errands she's naked or in a onsie only.

    I did get some cute carters rompers that are probably as cool as onesies for her but she has to gain a few more pounds before they will fit.


  • I love the onsie dresses. It's a onsie but with a dress front. No pants required. And if it does get cool I just put a blanket on her legs.
    So I'm not a big fan of the pants. They are a pain for diaper changes and its been pretty warm in Ca.
  • I seem to be in the minority, but I feel like LO going out in just a onesie is like going out in underwear lol! So I prefer to put her in an outfit with pants or shorts, or a dress. It might be more of a hassle with diaper changes, but the extra work doesn't bother me. As soon as we get home, though, I will take the pants off or change her into something easier. 

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  • When it's hot, sometimes *I* wish I didn't have to wear pants, so onesie only. I usually bring socks just in case we're going somewhere that his feet might get cold while in the wrap. 

    Pants look adorable, but they're not always practical.  

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  • I am in NC and it is hot here, so definitely no pants. LO is frequently just in a onesie. I am also a HUGE fan of the romper.


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  • I wouldnt bring him out in just a onesie but I like those romper things that have little legs on them and look more like an outfit, they have them for girls and boys.
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  • Only if its cold. The weather in Maryland has been crazy, 80 one day then 60 the next.  DD is usually in just a onesie but if its cool out then its a footed onesie or a regular onesie with pants.  I had to wait until her midsection filled out though, she was long enough for the pants but too skinny in the waist for a few weeks. 
  • My daughter has been wearing a lot of 'sun suits' - aka a bubble onesie or one with a skirt attached. Carters has some cute ones in their Memorial Day clearance sale...
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  • See, I'm in Fl too and bc of that, my house stays nice and cool. So she wears pants over her onesie. I mean, I'd be cold in my house without pants on, so I figure she's ok. If we go out, the stores are cool too so the pants are never really a problem unless she's getting swaddled.
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  • Never even occurred to me to dress him in just a onesie. To me, that's his shirt and he needs pants or shorts on. I also like rompers.  

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