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Naps have become a nightmare - 12 mo old

LO just turned a year this week and it seems like magically he decided that napping in the day is not for him anymore. He had a cold at the beginning of the week and I can see that affecting his naps but he is fine now and we're still struggling.

We never had to do CIO because I started putting him down sleepy from the time he was 9 weeks old. Plus the few times that I've tried it here and there, he just gets so riled that he doesn't go to sleep and I'm not about to let my LO cry for so long that he just falls asleep from being so tired from crying. Besides, we really have not needed it.

Bedtime is super easy, I put him in the crib, walk away, and he is out within 5-10 min. Not a peep. But naps have become something else. He just stands in his crib and cries as loud as he can and won't stop until I come in. On Wednesday I tried CIO and it took 20 min of insane crying and I finally broke down so will definitely not be doing that again. And by the way he was crying, it was obvious he was not going to go to sleep in that state. What I've started doing is having him lie down and then I just put my hand on his belly and eventually he goes to sleep. However yesterday it took 50 min to get him to fall asleep for his afternoon nap.

So here's my question... did your LO start fighting naps at around 12 months? Did you have to change napping schedule? I'm not sure what it is... whether separation anxiety or simply that he is not as tired anymore and needs less sleep. He sleeps 10-11 hrs a night and has been taking 2-45 min naps or 1-45 min and 1-90 min nap a day. 

Help!! What was your experience like?

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Re: Naps have become a nightmare - 12 mo old

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