Tongue tied

We were told at the hospital after lo was born lazy Sunday that she is tongue tied. We had one nurse and one of the lactation consultants tell us it may interfere with her latching. Unfortunately none of the peds on call while we were there do not do the cutting. Now that I've had a few days to think about it is this something I should have done? Does anyone have experience with this?

ive noticed when she's really upset it takes awhile for her to latch but I don't know if that is normal anyway

i hope this post makes sense. Thank you! 

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Re: Tongue tied

  • I'd for sure get her evaluated by a ped with lots of experience or an ENT specialist. A tongue tie can give a bad latch, which will cause you a lot of pain and make her eat less efficiently. It's a very minor procedure to fix it if it is required.
  • Okay, we are planning on it. So far we have only been able to make appointments with baby nurses. The one we see today is also the LC so hoping she can give us some guidance and help us get it done!
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    My 10 weeker is apparently tongue and lip tied.  They showed me, I see it...but she latches fine, eats like a champ and is other wise fine so we don't plan to do anything.  My little one does have trouble to latch when upset as well, but it only takes a few tries for her to get it.

    It depends on the severity.  My little one's is not severe enough to impede eating.  The LC said the tongue tie can be partial cause of her reflux as it's all inter-connected.  As well, the lip tie can cause a gap between front teeth.

    My husband said what kid doesn't need braces as a teenager so let's wait and see.  Good enough for me.

    Oddly after being shown it by the LC I noticed that I have a tongue and lip tie similar to my daughters.  It's never caused me any problem at all and I've never had braces.  I did receive speech therapy in the early years of school to help with a few sounds though.


  • DD2 was tongue tied and it caused severe, severe pain when feeding. I was in tears and dreaded every feeding. Hers was clipped around 2 weeks old and it took about another week or two for things to stop being painful for me at all.

    The procedure was so quick and simple. I was so glad we did it.

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  • I only found out yesterday that DD is bot lip & tongue tied. We're going in the day she turns 5 months to get it fixed. I've struggled a a ton with BFing and I'm so glad we're finally going to get it fixed. 

    I found out 2 days ago that I'm tongue tied and that's why when I talk a lot or try to read to DD my tongue hurts and it becomes harder to swallow. I wish mine had been fixed when I was little so I wouldn't remember it 

  • We cut my LO#1s about 2 weeks after he was born. If you are going to do this I would get it done as soon as possible.
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  • I took DD in two days ago on her 12 week bday. The ENT clipped it in the office and said it should take a week for DD to adapt. 
  • After seeing the nurse yesterday who is also a lactation consultant, she said it is not bad enough to get in the way. It must have just been a short latching trouble phase because last night and today she has been fine!
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