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I'm sick

Hey good morning ladies! It's been a while for me. Anyway I was hoping to get an opinion from some of you re: my current icky situation. I started feeling sick yesterday. I feel hot, runny nose, and a sore throat. I am still able to function but I do feel a bit more weak then usual. I didn't have a fever last night, at least I don't think I did but I didn't have a way to check it at the time. I am about to start a 10hr shift. I was wondering, should I just stick it out? or should I let my boss know and go home and try to rest this off? I've never went home early before and would feel like a giant boob leaving my co workers, but then again I don't want to push myself too hard. What do you think? Thanks girls :

Re: I'm sick

  • andy711andy711
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    I don't think it should be a big deal to go home if you are feeling sick. Listen to your body and rest.
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  • Well, while I'd normally say go rest, I also have been dealing with whatever you're describing for about 2 weeks now. Just saying that one day of rest might not get you back to feeling better.
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  • I also started coming down with a cold a few days ago. I worked a 12 hr night shift and felt pretty crappy but there was no one to cover for me. Thankfully I had two days off and spent them sleeping, I'm back to work today but feeling somewhat better. I'm one of those people who generally works sick, being in healthcare I just wear a mask so I don't pass anything along to my patients. If you are feeling really crappy don't be afraid to go home sick or call in though, that's what sick time is for! Your immune system in weaker being pregnant so you need to be more careful than normal.
  • jeb2013jeb2013
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    You are pregnant and under the weather, I would kick your feet up and relax and stay hydrated. Working 10hrs isn't going to make you feel better.

  • I actually had what I thought was just a cold and ended up going in when it kept gettin worse. It was actually strep so I would go in and get checked out if you continue to get worse. Better safe then sorry!
  • Personally, I don't stay home or go home early unless I am throwing up or it is coming out the other end. ;) However, I don't think it is wrong of you to ask to go home early especially if you feel like you need the rest.
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