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***What went well this week?***

All right gals - let's focus on the positives!

Rory has been successfully de-swaddled! I was terrified of going all the way and the first night we did it, he slept 10 hours. Someone up there likes me! :P

He STTN 3 nights this week. If I can get a couple good nights in, I will take it!

The first couple nights of no swaddle, we did have to do the "binky dance" for a bit, but he can now settle himself even without the swaddle! In fact, as I hover over him, I'm pretty sure he waits for me to get out of his face so he can wiggle around for a minute and go to sleep. :P I consider this a miracle! 


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Re: ***What went well this week?***

  • DS is doing awesome on his tummy time and interacting much more with his toys. It makes me feel like I'm doing right as a Mom to see him reaching developmental milestones.

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  • I beat a nasty cold that invaded Lo's body. Love the nosefrida.
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  • Dd rolled over the other night and I found her smooshed into the corner of her crib on her belly. So we started swaddling with one arm out and she is still sleeping alright!!! I was so worried having arms out would keep her awake!
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    Dd rolled over the other night and I found her smooshed into the corner of her crib on her belly. So we started swaddling with one arm out and she is still sleeping alright!!! I was so worried having arms out would keep her awake!

    I was super worried about that too! In retrospect I think I dragged out the deswaddle process longer than it was needed because even though he whacked himself a little, it was still less disruptive than him trying to "bust out" of his swaddle every night! Good luck! 


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  • He is super close to rolling, but from back to belly lol he has once so far, hasn't rolled from belly to back yet tho lol He is sleeping for the most part thru the night which is so nice. And this was my first full week back at work and I managed not to cry everyday dropping him off lol
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  • DH has been laid up since Friday with a twisted pelvis and a nearly slipped disk pressing on his sciatic nerve. I've been so stressed out this week. What went well is that Wednesday he called his parents and they came over to clean my kitchen, litter box and to give us a little money to help since DH is an independent contractor and missing work. Also my sister is over all of the time to help us with our elderly cat who has renal failure. Thursday she stayed late to help me with dinner.

    Help is awesome.


    DD has been sleeping longer when I put her down after she falls asleep nursing or in my arms. She usually wakes right up when I put her down after getting her to nod off. The past three days she has continued to nap 1-3 times a day after being put down. I can actually get something done without having to entertain/wear her while I do it! Amazing!

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  • This week we were kinda forced to stop swaddling cold turkey- it was so hot that we didn't want to wrap her. That didn't go well at all, but the good news is that once it cooled down, we started just doing one arm out, and that's been going much better. She's slept really well that way.

    She's also really close to rolling from back to belly (hence the reason we are getting serious about de-swaddling!). She tries so hard, it's cute. 

    And, I have made peace with the fact that BF'ing may not work for us as long as I'd originally hoped (my goal was at least 6 months, preferably a year). DD has started to refuse to nurse at night. At first I was really upset, but I decided I'm not going to let it bother me. Whatever happens, happens. As long as she's eating somehow, it'll be all right.


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  • LO rolled back to belly for the first time yesterday at our Mommy and Me group...it was very exciting!

    He has STTN every day this week...it's been incredible.  On top of that, he is sleeping between 11-12 hours each night, so I can get up in the morning and get a lot of stuff done before he is even up for the day.

    We went out to dinner last night (a friend had a gender reveal party) and LO was easily the calmest, most content baby there.  It still frustrates me that he will. not. sleep. in places like the grocery store or restaurants, but at least he is happy to just sit in his car seat and look around.



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    She has been grabbing her toys that hang on her bouncers and noticing her mobile on her swing yay! :) and she's really trying hard to talk, it's so cute!


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    She loves her daddy sooo much. E is definitely a mom's girl and even a grandma's girl and has kind of been, meh, about daddy time. This week she's really starting to notice her dad when he gets home from work and as soon as he takes her she starts screaming excitedly and babbling and cooing. When he's holding her and talking to me, she'll just stare at him with huge eyes and as soon as he looks back to her, she'll scream and slam her face into his chest with a huge smile on her face. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.
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  • We had our first legitimate laugh this week. He did several in a row. : but refuses to do it again. Ha.
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