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Treats for nurses?

What do people usually do to thank the nursing staff? A basket of assorted treats? Is a mix of healthy and dessert type snacks good? I want to give them something good...

Re: Treats for nurses?

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    I hear many people give donuts.  Also was told to make 2 baskets or something so the night nurses get goodies too.  They are often left out.

    with that said, I always fall back to a good old fashion "thank you!"  I also like to talk to the head nurse and rave about my particular nurses.

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  • I'm thinking mini muffins. I want to do something but hadn't given it too much thought yet. It'll be interesting to see what others post.
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  • I was thinking about throwing together some baskets filled with goodies from Trader Joes. Muffins, chocolates, cookies, individual trail mix bags, etc. I've also read some great ideas about adding some hand sanitizers, Chapstick, etc. which I may or may not do.

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  • When my SIL had her baby I made cake pops and brought them in for the nurses.  They were devoured within an hour so I went home and made more.  SIL said she had A LOT of nurse visits and seemed to get a lot of extra special care while there.  :)

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  • My mom brought the nurses a couple dozen of cookies while I was in labor.  I remember being mad that nobody saved me one since I was starving after the birth.  This time I'm bringing my own stash of snacks as well as treats for the staff.  
  • Baking is a good distraction technique in early labor :)

    I baked a pan of brownies last time and brought them in still warm. Planning to have ingredients on hand to do cupcakes or something this time. 

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    I bought a whole bunch of mini hand sanitizers from bath and body works and put them in a small basket.  I also added a package of snack size mars bars and some twizzlers.
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  • Homemade or at least unique and somewhat healthy is what I love getting as a nurse. We call baby our poppyseed so I'm getting some locally made poppyseed muffins for nurses when we go in and having a little sign saying "thanks for help us bring our baby poppyseed into this world" for them. Also there's 3 shifts of nurses usually days PMs and nights, so I'm having 3 batches : and I would totally love a little bath and body hand sanitizer!
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