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Did anyone have a successful hypnobirth or is anyone trying it?

I personally don't want any meds unless I know [at the time] I can not tolerate the pain at all... so I was doing some research and came across this method. It seems like you have to have a lot of mind control and focus but seems do-able.

what are your thoughts?

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Re: Hypnobirthing

  • I haven't delivered yet, but we have been doing hypnobabies this pregnancy. I really like it, and it's a really easy system. We have the home study course, so we read a chapter each week, and then I listen to my scripts every night. It's very relaxing, and I find I always sleep better after listening to them. I will let you know (hopefully soon!) how it worked out in labor. We are having a birthing center birth with a pair of midwives, and this seemed to be the best pain-management system for us. :)
  • I had a successful natural delivery using Hypnobabies.  Even though I was in labor for well over 24 hours (and dilated to a 10 when I arrived at the hospital), and had to push for 4-5 hours because baby was not in an ideal position, I had a good experience and was able to deliver naturally.  For much of it, I did not consider myself to be in all that much discomfort and I know that I owe much of that to Hypnobabies.  (Incidentally, I think doing a natural delivery also really helped me to deliver without interventions because I was able to really push with all my might and to try all kinds of different birthing positions to get the baby out.)  I think much of the benefit to the Hypnobabies program is positive thinking and helping you to stay calm and relaxed.  While I was pushing, I stayed calm and focused and I even fell asleep once between pushes!  I think staying relaxed (while determined to get baby out!) made a huge impact on my delivery.

    That said, if you are delivering this month, it might be a little late to use the full program. I suggest using whatever parts you can, though!  Good luck and congratulations!

  • Have you watched a baby story when the women are using this method- every single one is a complete weirdo! 
  • I am using Hypnobabies but still have an inside baby. I have low platelets so an epidural might be off the table for me. Between Hypnobabies, yoga and my birthing positions prep, I have great faith in my body.


  • I had two successful med-free births using Hypnobirthing!  I really focused in on the hypnosis scripts and listened to them before I fell asleep.  
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  • kmcd23kmcd23
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    I'm inducing today with hypnobirthing. Fingers crossed I can handle pitocin with it. Better yet fingers crossed I don't need pitocin! Lol
  • krwactkrwact
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    Successful Hypnobirth here. For me, the techniques were vital not just for avoiding pain meds (which I did) but for staying calm through a potentially traumatizing premature birth.  

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