How do you know you need to pump. Or why do you pump?

Im trying to figure out if I need to pump. Wouldnt nursing twins be difficult enough? Ill be a SAHM so will I really need a stash? I keeptalking my self in and out of a pump. Help!
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  • You can rent one if and when you deem it to be needed.
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  • At a minimum I would get a manual if you think you'll never use it anyway.  You may want to pump an occasional bottle if you and your DH want to go out for a few hours.  Otherwise as a SAHM, I don't think it's necessary.  When DS1 was born, he was so used to the boob that I couldn't get him to take a bottle, if he even saw one he would scream his head off.  When my twins were born, I would nurse one while someone bottle fed the other (so I could get some one-on-one time).  Like PP mentioned, you could also rent if you feel you need one down the road.

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    If I did not have a pump, I would have weaned my twins by now. I exclusively pumped for a few weeks while I was healing my nipples and the babies needed to grow a bit so they could get their mouths open to nurse well. We are back to nursing full time, but I still pump after some feedings for more nipple stimulation.  It has been crucial is keeping up my supply.
  • No twins here, but agree with PP that if you want to have some time out (on your own or with your partner), you'll want a stash.  While you'll be a SAHM, there will probably be some times that you'll need/want to go out without them and knowing there is milk at home will help that.

    As others said, you can always rent one to see if it's something you want to make the investment in.

    As for when to pump, if you're working on increasing your supply, then it just feels like all the time.  After establishing a routine, though, then it's up to you and your schedule. 


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