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Crying after being home

We just got home from the hospital today.  Very happy to be home.  But I find myself crying uncontrollable a few times today for no reason.  I can somewhat contribute it to our LO's constant spitting up and the worry something is wrong.  Otherwise Im not sure what it is.  Were seeing our doctor on sat for her spitting up and regular check up.  But have you ladies felt the blues when you arrived home?
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Re: Crying after being home

  • I cried daily for the first 2 weeks! After that it slowly got better. Hormones are so out of whack right now that crying for no reason isn't totally out of the ordinary. My doctor told me to pay attention to it and to call him if it lasted longer than 3 weeks because it could be PPD by that point. 
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  • Could be PPD, or just the realization that you are a parent ;)

    Talk with your Doc, and keep an eye on it. With all the hormones, the newness of a tiny little human, and the experience you went through, it can be pretty common to be a hot mess. 

    I cried all the time after DD2. I cried because DH didn't put the ketchup away. I cried because I had to bathe. I cried because my LO cried, which only made her crying worse.  The first few weeks (sometimes months) are hard emotionally!

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  • Being a new parent is overwhelming in many ways and you have sooooo many hormones racing right now.  See how the next few days go as you settle in but be sure to call your OB if it continues.  Hang in there Mama!
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  • nycnolanycnola
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    I, and pretty much every new mom I know, spent the first couple weeks crying. Unless it lasts more than two weeks, like PPs already said, it's super normal. I bet you're doing great!
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  • We just got home yesterday and I have already had a few meltdowns. I'm going to say its pretty normal!
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  • Yep, I cried quite a bit in the first few weeks to month or so. Being a parent to a brand new baby is hard! And you have lots of hormone craziness going on. I would go from feeling emotionally great to sobbing several times in a day. Hopefully it is a passing phase for you.

    Oh, and CONGRATS!

  • KMac570KMac570
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    I cried a lot during those first couple of weeks too.  I just felt so overwhelmed.  Sleep deprivation played a role, as did raging hormones.  It is completely normal.  As others have said, just keep an eye on it and talk to your OB if it lasts for more than a few weeks.  Hang in there, it does get easier!
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  • I would do the same.  One night my husband said something I found funny, and instead of laughing, I burst into tears.  Hormones are no joke. 

    It usually lasts 1-2 weeks and is hormonal, usually associated with your milk coming in.  Give it a little time and try to find the humor in it, but it will pass!



  • I cried multiple times daily for 2-3 weeks. Didn't matter who was around or what was going on. There was no stopping the tears. Those hormones are really powerful. Hang in there!
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  • Almost 6 weeks PP here and I still cry at least once a day though now I think some of it is sleep deprivation. I'm not a crying person so the first few weeks when I cried several times s day were really weird. Mostly it's just normal PP hormones but just be on the lookout for signs of PPD to be safe.


  • It's hard, mama.  I cried, like clockwork, the first 2 weeks home around 4pm (we spent the first week in the hospital due to csection). I'd feel very anxious and start being frantic; I had to give her to my husband when he came home and go for a walk to calm down.  It slowly subsided, but it was scary for awhile because I hadn't realized how real these "blues" would be.

    I still randomly get sad on how hard this all is, but she's made it almost 3 months even with the reflux, and so far so good!

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