Donating milk with over active lipase

Mobile. Donating milk with over active lipase.

I just found out tonight that my frozen stash is ruined by lipase! Tastes like sour soap, it's aweful! No wonder LO has been refusing to take a bottle!

I think I have about 80 ounces frozen and I don't want to waste it! Any ideas of where to donate? The closest place near me which is still 3 hours away needs a minimum of 150 ounces.
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Re: Donating milk with over active lipase

  • Are you planning to continue to pump and freeze?  I have excess lipase and where I'm donating requires a minimum 200 ounces.  If you plan to continue to pump and freeze, I'd just hang onto it until you get to the 150. You could also try human milk 4 human babies on FB, each state has their own FB page.  Some kids don't care about the lipase, so you may find someone on there that would gladly accept your milk.

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  • I donate via Human Milk 4 Human Babies. There is also Eats on Feets if your state has a chapter.
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