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so i'm due in december with my 2nd child and wanted some advice/tips on breastfeeding. i did not breastfeed my 1st at all so i'm completely new to the idea. this might sound kind of crazy but i'm worried that if i breastfeed my 2nd, it will be unfair that i didnt my 1st...i'm already feeling kind of guilty about it b/c i really want to breastfeed this time. any advice from moms who have done the same?? thanks

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    I desperately tried with my first but it didn't work out the nurses insisted on bottles the first day, and my daughter never looked back. With my second, at a different hospital, I had tons of support and was nursing within 30 minutes of birth, even with a csection. I just stopped nursing her at 18 months, so it definitely was a long term relationship.
    If you truly want this, make sure the nurses are aware and are on board because if you don't have help it is very hard.
    Best of luck!
  • A friend of mine nursed her second, but not her first.  She said that although her first didn't get the nutritional benefits of BFing, she sees her sister nursing and views it as the normal way to feed babies.  My friend feels that is a huge plus.


  • I understand the guilt.  DS had latching problems, so I pumped and supplemented for 5 months before weaning.  With DD, I haven't had to supplement at all and plan to nurse much longer.  I feel bad for DS, but every child is a different nurser.  If you really want to nurse, then do it.  I think you will regret not trying more than you will feel guilty that you nursed on and not the other.  In talking to several moms, many of them have nursed one child and not the other for various reasons. 
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