Negative Thoughts, don't you dare!!

Today I was told by the powers that be that I am scheduled for a banker meeting on June 24th, which happens to be the day I am scheduled for beta. I was fine up until I looked at the date and decided to freak out! Unfortunately, having been down this road a few times, my mind automatically jumped to "it's gonna be negative". How horrible is that? Just when I thought that I had myself under control, all that negativity came through! Ugh! How do I eject that tape?

What are some of your "techniques" to negate the negative thoughts?

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Re: Negative Thoughts, don't you dare!!

  • I wish I had an answer... But no help. 

    I try to stay really busy but even that doesn't always help. 

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  • It can definitely be a challenge to keep those thoughts at bay...I definitely fought with them today (negative beta today), but I try to think about the next step and that there is always hope for the next round. It helps to surround myself with positive people, including my DH. He has been amazing through this journey. My thoughts and prayers are with you!
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    You can change the date of your beta...I actually had to wait longer for mine due to work obligations and pushed mine back 2 days.

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  • I was a nervous wreck on beta day and could not focus on work at all! Maybe it's a good idea to delay one more day as PP said. Just a thought, I know another day would be torturous but may be better than getting a call while in a meeting even if it's good news! 

    Good luck!! :)

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