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Too much sleep?

My LO is 5.5 wks old and I'm concerned thatbshes sleeping too much. I thought by now she would be up more. How much do your babies sleep or did they sleep when they were arnd her age?
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Re: Too much sleep?

  • My DS is almost 8 weeks old and he still sleeps quite a bit during the day. He will nap for an hour or so and be awake for an hour or so and this continues throughout the day. I've been told this is still pretty normal.
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  • Totally normal. They may be awake an hour or less between feedings, and that includes the time they are eating. Some times DS still wakes up from a nap eats and goes right back to sleep and he is almost 8 weeks old. Their brain is developing while they sleep, so sleep is good.
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    You should track how much lo sleeps. ive been doing this for a wk and have found he sleeps more than i thought but he is in the avg range which ive heard is 14 hours. he sleeps really well at night so hes up a lot during the day. i also realized i was missing his sleep cues so now hes not as cranky either and taking naps.

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