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Spin off DC's post on CIO

To spin off of DC's wonderfully articulate post on sleep training and CIO, I wanted to share this really interesting article on the period of four month wakefulness from Kelly Mom. When my daughter went from STTN to waking every two to three hours at 15 weeks, I was more than ready to start sleep training. As I was researching methods, I came across this article, which made SO much sense in my situation, especially since my daughter was clearly starving each time she woke up during the night. I just thought I would share the link because it helped me so much.

In case you are interested, we are on the other side now. It took nearly three weeks and during that time I tried to feed my baby as often as possible during the day but nothing really helped except waiting it out. The good news is that she emerged a more efficient day time eater and a MUCH better napper.



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