Nursing on both sides

3 month mark and finally I think I can say with out a shadow of a doubt oversupply is under control. It got me thinking should I nurse from both sides? Is there a reason to if they seem satisfied with one side only. The only upside I can see if I am lopsided in the morning when I am the fullest till the second nursing of the day when DS finally eats from the other side. TIA


ETA: sorry I just saw a post similar to this a little ways down, guess I should have read. It seems slightly different though ;)

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Re: Nursing on both sides

  • I have only ever fed from one side. You have two boobs for twins. Most, like you state, only feed both sides for appearance of your boobs. I would be scared of your oversupply coming back. I have block fed since a couple weeks old due to bad over supply and have ever since. 

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  • If you are a SAHM and baby is satisfied, probably one side is fine. Once I go back to work, I will be pumping from both sides, which means that both sides will be producing for every feeding, and I will continue to feed baby on both sides. Our pediatrician also recommended offering the second side before nighttime feeds to make sure baby is all the way full and will maybe sleep longer. But I don't think there's any reason that you HAVE to offer both sides if baby is content nursing off one at a time. 


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  • image andreab7412:
    I have only ever fed from one side. You have two boobs for twins. 

    Hmm   Really?  THAT'S why we have two boobs?  Is that why we have 2 arms also?  And why men have breasts?  In case we end up with quadruplets?


    I've always fed off both sides, because my son always takes both sides.  If your LO seems full and content off of one breast, there's no need to switch what's working for you.


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  • I dealt with oversupply and now I nurse on both sides because DD never seemed satisfied. We just found out she's tongue & lip tied though so she has a hard time sucking and providing both helps get her enough milk otherwise I probably would have tried to stick with just one at a time.
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