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Learning activities

Do any of you guys do any structured learning activities? I try to point things out as we go along, and help DS count when we do things like cooking, but I haven't done anything structured like flashcards.

Have you started stuff like this? I'm just thinking it might be time...

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Re: Learning activities

  • Nothing formal, no. She goes to day care, and they do some structured things there, like they have some "letters of the month" etc... She is just learning through every day experiences, curiosity, and ::flame retardant suit:: tv (like Sesame Street and Super Why).

    She did pick up some alphabet flash cards in the dollar bins at Target a while back, and she loved looking at those for a while. I did "quiz" her sometimes because she was so into them, but that was more from her own curiosity that me thinking she needed some formal learning.

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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    Olivia knows her ABCs and can identify each letter, she can count to 15 and can identify numbers 1-10, she knows her basic shapes and colors.  All we do is learn through play.  We also do an on line program called ABC Mouse (just started at the recommendation of her pedi).  We only do it when she ask we never just make her sit.    She likes it.

    We wont do pre school until the year before she goes to kindergarten because in my area pre school is just play time they do not teach the children.  So to me that is a waste of money.

    Our library story time is great the librarian goes above and beyond with reading and interacting.  

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  • Zoey also knows her ABC's, how to spell her name, counting 1-10, basic shapes and colors. We just play with her bathtub letters (foam letters that stick to the side of the tub), her alphabet magnets. We always describe what we are playing with, like. pooh look at this green circle. She just picks it up. She does also go to montessori school 3 days a week but they do things differently, they focus on the sounds of letters when they read, practical life skills, toiling. etc. It's been really enriching for her.
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    We've kind of sucked at doing it at home, but they do learning time every day at daycare - numbers, colors, letters, shapes, and words.  She sent home an extra set of the word cards that they use so I can do them at home, too, but I can never get him to sit still long enough.

    ETA: We also have the foam letters in the tub.  He knows his ABCs and can identify all the letters, can count to 14 and recognizes all of those numbers, knows the basic colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, black) and basic shapes (square, star, rectangle, triangle, circle and octagon). 

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