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Mom's Tail...anyone else have one?

So I seriously love my DD but honestly the last 3 weeks have been ugghghhg!  She is great playing by herself, with baby brother, dad and anyone else until I walk into the room...then it is over.  Has be attached to mommy.  Whiny, wants to be held, like I have left and abondoned her forever at some point in her life!  Everyone tells me she is so good until you come into the room...nice real nice, I feel like mother of the year let me tell ya....not good.  I''m not sure what brought this on, no major changes in our lives or anything.  Anyone else in this boat with me?  and if so, can someone get us a maragita or a beach where we are just by ourselves for 10 minutes!

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Re: Mom's Tail...anyone else have one?

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