My nipples might just fall off - EPing

I delivered via c/s last Monday evening.  Started pumping on Tuesday afternoon (I'm a surrogate, so I didn't nurse).  My nipples are still suffering and today so far seems to be the worst yet.  I started out with the 24mm flanges, went up to the 27mm (which I think is the proper fit, I think the 30mm would suck in too much areola).  For a good 3 hours after nursing my nipples (1 side more than the other) were on FIRE.  I had to hold my boobs in order for the pain to subside (maybe the pressure of holding them down).  My plan is/was to continue to pump and donate, but not sure how much more of this I can stand.  I was planning on giving it until next Monday (2w from delivery), just wondering when it got better for others, or if you had little/no pain with pumping.  Normally, excluding this morning, they just hurt when I first start pumping (using the Symphony on the absolute lowest setting still), when they're touched, even if something/someone just lightly grazes them, and when I take the flanges off and dab them with a paper towel/cloth to dry any milk on them.

GSx1 - 05/13/2013

Re: My nipples might just fall off - EPing

  • Are you using anything to lube things up a bit when you pump? Some lanolin or coconut oil might help.

    With nursing, I had pain on latching (just for a few seconds) until 3-4 weeks. Then it went away. I would expect it's just the massive hormonal changes and that things will get better for you soon. 

  • No, but it's more the tips that hurt, I assume from the sucking.  I guess I can try it, I have a new tube of lanolin.

    GSx1 - 05/13/2013
  • My LC blamed the pain on connective tissue that just needed to un-connect. Once it did, the pain was gone. Hang in there, if you can. Smile
  • I had HORRIBLE pain when pumping with the Lansinoh pump - the Medela (Which is sounds like you have) was better - on VERY low.  I also have VERY small nipples - and had to size DOWN not up - and actually ended up using the areola stimulators from Ameda (shoved in the 24mm flange) or the comfort seal from Lansinoh (also shoved in the 24mm flange) - I then had to let my nipples heal too.. lanolin.. time.. ice.. 

    YOu are doing an amazing thing - btw! 

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  • I EP for my twins and it hurt like hell for the first few weeks.  Showers were the worst and the cold winter weather didn't help my nipples! I tried everything...I used coconut butter a lot.  It didn't take sensitivity away, but it smelled great :)  I pumped on a low level and eventually my nipples got used to pumping.  Sorry, I know this doesn't help you right now, but it does get better!
  • I used to have this issue if I tried to pump right after a shower or too soon between sessions. I figured it was a lubrication issue and a little lansonil made a world of difference. Also remember they are just getting used to some pretty heavy abuse. It took a couple weeks for mine to truly toughen up to the pump & that was after a month of BFing.

    hang in there! what you're doing is awesome =) 

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