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Lost mucus plug **UPDATE**

I wish I didn't have the honour of being one of the first to say that. It happened this morning, so I called my doctor who said to come in to the office NOW. With DS I went into labour within 48 hours after losing my mp, but that was at 40 weeks. This time, who knows... I really hope everything is ok. I am currently waiting for a pelvic exam at the doctor's office and I will update once I know more. TPs appreciated!


Thank you everyone for all your thoughts, prayers, reassurances and personal stories. I saw the doctor and I am NOT in imminent danger of pre-term labour. YIPPIE!! The doctor did say that it was right for me to call and come in, because you never can tell at what stage you are (or not) without an internal exam. He told me to make sure that I keep my 28 week exam in about 2 weeks and that depending on how the next two weeks goes, that they will base any future intervention from there. But for now I am to just "take it easy and drink water" no pelvic rest or bed rest needed.

From my OB I also learned the following about MPs today:

1. Yes your MP can grow back. Totally gross but cool.

2. Losing your MP is worth a phone call at minimum to your doctor's office before 36 weeks, especially if it is accompanied by any cramping or bleeding (a bloody show)

3.  You can lose your MP and continue to walk around for weeks. But any loss of the MP does indicate a change in your cervix and that is why a call to the office is recommended before 36 weeks.

4. 25.5 weeks is not too early for kick counts. The doctor was happy to hear that I had felt movement earlier in the day.

Also, can all us ladies please pinky swear now that when it does come time to lose our MPs, much much closer to our due dates that no one will post a picture! Please. For all our sakes. No one needs to see that!

Thanks again for the T&Ps everyone!

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Re: Lost mucus plug **UPDATE**

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