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Pet behavior

Anyone else have pets that have been overly affectionate since you've become pregnant? I have a Siamese cat and he is always sweet but more now then ever. He follows me around, snuggles and rubs on my belly, and is just constantly wanting my attention. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Re: Pet behavior

  • DFico21DFico21
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    Yes, my dog has been like this since the beginning.  I think he knew I was pregnant before I did. 
  • Yep. My dog is constantly with me. She lies at my feet, tries to get up on the couch with me, and follows me if I leave the room.

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  • When I went into labor with my son our cat sat on my belly meowing and cuddles me until we went to the hospital. I labored at home for 3 days and she cuded me the whole time.

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  • My dog won't leave me alone. She's extra snuggily, and as soon as I sit down, she's right next to me (or on my lap if my lap is free). She's always been affectionate, but it's usually with both of us, lately it's like DH isn't here.
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  • DH's cat who used to only pay attention to him has been following me around wanting attention.
  • Yes, one of my cats is starting to drive me nuts lol!  He used to be pretty independent but now he follows me everywhere and meows constantly.  I can't even go to the bathroom without him pushing the door open, running up and forcefully rubbing himself on my legs.I love him to death but, goodnees!!

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  • All 3 of my cats have been super affectionate for the past few months-our one female never used to snuggle with me-she used to all about my husband, but now she snuggles in bed with me every night! It is awesome!
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  • Mrs. MoMrs. Mo
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    Both times around, my dogs have become extremely protective of me. Once DD was born, they became extremely protective of her (would sit by my feet as I fed/rocked/etc her).
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  • Yes! My dog has been way more affectionate since I've been pregnant. He won't let me leave a room without him being by my side! I love it though because he's being more protective as well. He's such a good pup and I wouldn't be surprised if he knew I was pregnant before I did!
  • Wow, I'm going to have to research more and see if there is scientific evidence of cats and dogs sensing the extra hormones or something.
    My dogs have always been super affectionate and follow me around, so maybe I'm just not noticing it with them like I am the cat.

    Son is 10 yrs old

    Daughter is 8 yrs old

    Son is Due Sept 18, 2013


  • Yes!  We also have a Siamese cat who is generally obnoxious, but right now she won't leave me be.  DH calls her the 'bump protector' because her new MO is to wrap herself around my bump as soon as I sit down.

    The other day she was draped over my belly and LO was kicking like crazy.  Kitty kept opening her eyes looking super annoyed b/c she way trying to sleep.  It was priceless.

  • Yes, out dog has become a real snuggle bug, expecially over the past few momths. Although he did have to have a major surgery and I think that has slowed his down a wee bit.

    But on the flip side, he has also become a bit over protective of me when I walk him on my own without my hubby. He has started to bark at strangers when we walk, which is very out of character for him. I have tried correcting this when it happens, but I do not seem to be able to change this behaviour.

  • Not my dog he just isn't that smart. However my friends lab/german shepard mix has to be put outside when I come over because she clings to me and I trip over her and she barks if the kids are too loud in the same room as me.
  • My dog is extra clingy as well...but also doesn't want to listen to me either when I need to leaveshe doesnt like the separation. Working with a trainer to help. Hopefully, it will be corrected before baby gets here.

  • Our German shepherd is right about a year and a half old. He's gotten very gentle and cuddly with me. Basically acts like a house cat while my husband is gone then when he gets home finds a toy and meets him at the door ready to play. He's always been protective of me but he is even more now. Also anytime we go in the nursery he has to follow and see what we're doing and sniff check anything we intend to leave in there. We had a stroller delivered last week and he body checked the box then sniffed it to death lol. Everything needs his approval. It's too funny.
  • So there is no scientific proof either way but tons of testimonial evidence. I'm assuming its hormone related. But now I wonder is it only mammals? I've heard about goats, cats and dogs from random people, but what about other animals?

    Son is 10 yrs old

    Daughter is 8 yrs old

    Son is Due Sept 18, 2013


  • Nope.  My dog and cat are both clueless.  When i talk to the baby, the dog runs in the room and looks confused, like "There's no one here, who are you talking to?  Oh, are you talking to me?"
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  • Very much so! Wherever I go, my two Pomeranians are right behind me. We just moved into a new house and I had to put them in their kennels when people came to hook up our internet and such and they didn't like not being able to protect me from the stranger in our house one bit. They are such sweet boys. I can't wait to see how sweet they will be to our baby girl :).


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  • Yes! I have had my cat for 11 years now and she has always been affectionate but now it is to the extreme. She is up with me in the morning and follows me around meowing until I pick her up and pet her. She gets mad when DH touches my belly and then she lays right on top of it. It is kind of cute. :)
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