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"You're getting fatter"

I was talking to a few of my coworkers today including one who is due in December. Another coworker walked up and loudly announced "You're getting fatter!!" Everyone laughed and I couldn't help but laugh as well. I know my coworker meant no harm and he is one of those people who doesn't get why people have kids. It was a little embarrassing, but more so funny considering the source. I just can't wait to hear what he has to say when I am close to the end. It may be a long 17 weeks at work.
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Re: "You're getting fatter"

  • LOL so glad that you could laugh over it!

    Sometimes, its more about the delivery of what was said, than what was actually said. 

    I find my male co-workers to be the oddest group of commenters/questioners around. 

    the other day one of them said to me "well, don't you HAVE to go on bedrest? I mean like, is that SOP when you're pregnant???"

    it totally cracked me up

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    member boss at my p/t job said "Wow, you're getting big!"  and then realized what he said, and said quickly, "but you look great!"   A few minutes later, he said "you aren't going to sue me with pregnancy right laws are you?"  He is an older gentleman who never had kids of his own... so yeah.  Men in general don't seem to realize what they are saying...  but who am I kidding, women say stupid things too. 
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  • Ummm I'm glad you could laugh at that, because I would have pulled him aside privately and told him that if he ever commented on my body again that I would report his a$$ for sexual harassment. I work in a very professional corporate environment so that kind of sh!t would never fly with me or in the companies I've worked for. 

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  • It was so entertaining because he had no clue he was being rude. Someone actually had to tell him because he didn't understand why everyone was laughing. I dont jnow if i should be, but I am glad i am not alone with this. Silly guys!
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  • My boss is male and wants to be supportive and ask how LO and I are doing but his kids are older so he doesn't really know what to say to a pregnant woman. My favorite from him so far has been "how's the oven?"
  • I have to laugh at these comments as well... a male coworker told me the other day that I need to start doing sit-ups. Yes, I work in a very corporate environment. I've worked with this guy for years and coming from him... it was funny. I'm sure his wife who had a baby a few months ago got the same comments. :) 


  • lol. I'm glad to see there are people who can just take it for a 'foot in mouth' incident and not get too bent out of shape! People need to be more like this and way less 'sue happy' IMO!

    I love man comments. I think they are hilarious!

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  • Lol, I love how clueless childless men are. A customer said congratulations to me the other day, I asked for what and he asked, "aren't you expecting?", I said, "yes, and you're brave!"
    My rule is, unless you see a baby crowning, never ask a woman if she's pregnant.
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  • Glad you could laugh at that because I sure as hell wouldn't have been.  I seriously don't understand how anyone can think it's okay to comment on a person's size - pregnant or not.

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  • Oh wow! :) At least it sounds like he was just trying to be humerous. He probably could have choosen a better word than "fatter" though.
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  • I think it's great that you can laugh at that sort of comment! Honestly, I haven't been offended yet when people have commented on my size, because usually when someone says "You're enormous!" they're pretty much echoing what I'm thinking anyway :D
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