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So my due date was the 18th. I was ok with going overdue but now that I've almost made it to my doctors appointment tomorrow it's setting in that I'm probably going to have to be induced.
I'm a FTM and having children has always been a dream of mine. I never thought I would feel let down for having to be induced. It makes me feel like I wasn't able to perform the way god intended or something. Does that make since? Can anyone relate?

Also, I have tried to go on walks and stuff and I'm not giving up hope quite yet. : anyone have any suggestions or anything? trying to get my mind off of everything is not working.
So any walking tips or anything from your personal experience!?

Re: Inducing

  • Hey, I don't have any great advice, but I am in the same boat.   I am trying the "webster" chiropractic method and acupuncture, and will start go on longer walks.

    I also downloaded Hypnobabies, "baby come."   I haven't listened to it yet.

    I understand when you say you feel like you aren't able to "perform like God intended."   I have been fighting the feeling of feeling a bit broken.   It's the doctors that are making me feel that way.

    My mom had two babies 10 days late, she had a beautiful pregnancies and perfectly healthy babies, back in her day there wasn't the same pressure to deliver by a certain date.

    I do think that it is normal for some moms to deliver later than others...and frankly there are a lot of studies that say 41.3 is more normal than 39 weeks for FTM, we aren't machines.

    I wish you a beautiful natural birth!

  • Hi there, 

    I don't have any advice for you either but can definitely relate to how you're feeling as I was due on the 18th as well, and am scheduled to be induced on the 28th.

    I have tried everything from walking, pineapple, Chinese food, pressure points, and raspberry leaf tea. The only things I haven't and will not try are spicy food and castor oil.  

    We still have a few days...don't give up hope yet! And just remember our babies will come when and how they are meant to, and that it's the end result that really matters, which is a healthy baby.   

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  • Aaawwwww you are in fact performing the way God intended. You are living life making decisions and doing what you need to do for yourself and your child.  Being sad is like being sad God is doing things the way he/she sees fit.  Just go with the flow and try to let go of the expectations has been the best advice I have given myself.

    It is true now we bring meds and other "unnatural" interventions into the process.... we also went from being on bed rest our entire pregnancy to working full time up until delivery.  

    From reading around on the internet and books walking actually does not induce labor but is great when labor has already begun.  Stairs, acupuncture, sex, massage and  resting are some of the things I have read because it allows the body to relax and be "happy" with the release of oxytocin. This man told me yesterday "Beer, pizza and sex" .... uuhhh thank you BUT no thank

    Cheers to us all!

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  • Thank you ladies! I guess maybe I need to look at it as gods plan regardless of what I thought his plan was.
    I truly appreciate your responses. I get really weary of posting stuff on here lately because it seems there's alot of weird drama between again I appreciate your sincere responses and will do my best to trust in his plan...which is hard because I'm a planner!!! :
  • I can agree and relate. I'm scheduled for an induction on monday, although I keep praying that my body will get it going before. Don't want to be induce for the same reason-its not what was intended. I'd rather wait and wait and wait, no matter how uncomfortable i am but my doctor won't which i can understand. i've been researching alot about what "induces" you naturally and sex is a great option. to keep your mind off doing things, just keep yourself busy, anyway possible. 
  • Not that it will make you feel better but with my son my water broke on its own but I still had to be given Pitocin because my labor did not progress. So even though I went on my one I still had to be induced. Hopefully you'll go naturally though. I'm not due till next wed but I've been dilated to 4 for over 2 weeks. My doctor still can not believe I'm still pregnant. I'm scheduled to be induced Sunday morning. I did really want to be induced but I'm so uncomfortable and my baby is already estimated at 8lbs or more. I have a friend who was waiting it out (because she wanted to have a natural home birth)and she was almost 42 weeks now and has to have a C-section because her baby was estimated at 10.5lbs!
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