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Constant back pain on right side

Is anyone else having constant back pain that won't ease up? This started last night around 8pm but hasn't gotten stronger or duller and its been over 9 hours and it's extremely painful. It's only on the right side below my ribs starting by my spine and shoots down and out to my side. It almost feels like a pulled muscle. I am having BH like
I normally do but nothing crazy.
Anyone else have constant back pain or know what this mean? I'm 37 and 5 days with my first and feel clueless.

Re: Constant back pain on right side

  • I am. It started a few days ago on my right side, just like you described. I went in to get checked for a kidney infection but was negative. They said it is either a plain old pulled muscle, the result of the weight of my belly, or because of how baby is positioned. There is also the possibility that baby is compresing one of my ureters and causing kidney pain, since it is worse after I pee, but they said there is nothing to do for that other than take Tylenol.

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  • 34 weeks 4 days here....I had it in my mid back starting Monday. Last night I got on my hands and knees and stretched my back up and down. It helped so much! My back doesn't hurt today. Give it a try!
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  • I have had the same thing in the exact same spot for about 6 weeks now. It comes and goes throughout the day. They also think its a muscle or how baby is positioned. It hurts! The nurse said I can use a heating pad, Tylenol. I also get massages and Chiro. Lying down has been the best remedy. DH has to rub it almost every night. It's not fun.

  • Thanks all! I'm going to the doc this am. Ill try the back stretches and Tylenol to see if that helps. Man, the last few weeks suuuucks!! Haha
  • Yeah, I hobble.  It's on the left side for me.  Baby is consistently on the right so I think the extra weight all on one side is throwing my back out.  My OB suggested getting a maternity support band even this late in the game because I seriously can't walk!  It arrives today and I really hope it helps!
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  • Do you have access to a pool at all?

    I recently started using the therapy pool at my gym a few times/ week, and it's really helped with some of my back pain.  Just me and a bunch of old people hanging out with our pool noodles, haha.  According to the massage therapist, being in the pool should also help with any type of swelling as well.


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  • I went to the doc this morning and she said the baby is on my sciatic nerve which is causing the excruciating back pain. She recommended stretching and taking Tylenol but that there's really no cure.
    I wish I had a pool because I've heard that really helps to get the baby to reposition. I'm sick it soaking in the bathtub and asking my DH to rub my back. Hopefully he'll decide to get comfy in a different position soon.
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