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Indian dad + Blonde mom = ?

Hello :)

 I am now in the beginning of 5th week of my pregnancy. I must say I'm very excited and curious at the same time..

I was wondering how might our baby look like, since... my husband is pure Indian with medium-dark skin, black hair, dark brown eyes. I am European with blue eyes, light blonde hair and fair skin. 

As far as I'm concerned he has the dominant genes and I would just love to see some of my features in our kid. I'm sorry if it's inappropriate, but I just couldn't help myslef.

Anyone in the same (or simmilar) situation? Or maybe have any suggestions of what the baby could look? 


Re: Indian dad + Blonde mom = ?

  • Not an inappropriate question at all! Everybody wonders what their baby will look like! 


    My husband is half Jamaican but is VERY Indian looking, and I am 1/4 native and 1/2 British but with very light skin. I always wonder if our baby will come out looking just white, or be a little darker with some help from my native genes and his Jamaican genes... If they'll have tight curly hair, or very loose curls... Whose features they'll inherit most (I think my husband's)!


    Theres a ridiculous 'what will your baby look like' thing on TB homepage and I put mine and my hub's picture in and our baby was really something ;) ;) haha


  • One of my good friends has an Indian dad and white/blonde mom. My friend is white, pale even, and blonde. His sister looks Indian, with dark hair and brown eyes, though not as darkskinned as her dad was.
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  • Dark eyes and dark hair tend to be the dominant gene however there is still a percentage which I am not sure what it is (there is a site for it you might try google) that baby could have blonde hair and blue eyes. It also depends on what is on the parents side as well for example if your parents have blue or brown eyes.

  • Yep! Kind of wondering the same thing. My husband is Iraqui/Lebanese (tan, dark brown eyes, black hair) and I am Irish( very pale, red hair, blue eyes). This is our first so we will see what happens! IMO I think mixed kids are always the cutest!


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  • There so are so many possibilities depending on what recessive genes you and your husband have!   BUT from what I know and have seen, your baby will probably have darker skin, not as dark as your husband's, brown hair and brown brown eyes.  But you never know, baby could have blue eyes!  Either way a very gorgeous baby!

     My husband is black, Italian, and Native American with a dark olive complexion, black hair and dark brown eyes and his son (my step son) has green eyes, darker skin (not as dark as his) and dark brown hair. 

  • It could be an interesting mix.  I have a Chinese coworker with a caucasian husband.  Her daughters both have red hair but other Asian features (eyes).  They are super adorable and I didn't even know that combination was possible.  And DH's friend is Indian (but fairly lightskinned) and has a pale, blondish wife and their kids look completely caucasian.  I'm sure your kids will look somewhat like you!

     Although my son looks nothing like my husband.  Like he only got my DNA.  He looks just like my dad. 

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  • My child is blonde hair, blue eyes. I'm dark haired, dark eyed and her sperm donor was dark haired, dark eyed half Hispanic, half native American. Strange things do happen with genetics! Lol. She really doesn't look like me, but she doesn't look like him either. Maybe the milkman?

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  • We are German, Irish, Cherokee and French, my brother married a 100% filipino woman and has two sons with her (they are now divorced).  My nephews have Filipino coloring, hair and eyes but they look a LOT like my own parents in their chins and foreheads and even their mouths.

    They are really cute!  But it is interesting to see my parents with Filipino coloring and hair.  Genetics are pretty cool.

    My other brother is fair skinned, freckled, blue eyed, blonde hair with a reddish beard, married a blonde w/blue eyes, their baby girl is SO white with BLONDE hair and BLUE eyes, nothing like my nephews at all, yet they are cousins!

    We both tend to darker skin, darker body hair, my hair is a lighter brown, SO's is pretty much black, wavy in spots, both have brown eyes, so we'll have a "darker" baby I think.   

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  • I have a friend who is Indian who married a Dutch man (blonde/blue). Their first child is blonde/blue. Their 2nd looks just like mommy. Genes will surprise you!

    Also, my DD (siggy pic) is 25% Moroccan. Whenever I tell people that, I usually get surprised reactions.

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  • Genetically, the dark hair/eyes will be dominant. I am Caucasian (French-Canadian) and my husband is Chinese. DD got his eyes, darker hair. However, her hair is more of a light brown vs. very dark dark black. She got my complexion (so slightly more tan than cream). 

    Its normal to want to know how your kids will look.  

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  • My DH is from Panama (well, half Panamanian, and half Columbian), with dark brown hair, skin, and eyes, and I'm Caucasian with olive skin and dark brown hair and eyes.  Well, our little girl was born 4 years ago with the fairest of skin, light brown hair, and BLUE eyes (my mother has blue, and his father had green).

     We expect that this little one will end up looking more like my DH...it would be too funny to have two little ones with fair skin and blue eyes! :)

  • I am biracial, caucasian and africian canadian. Brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin.

    My H is caucasian. Blonde hair, pale wite skin and blue eyes.

    I expected all my children to take on most of my genes. Our first daughter was a big surprise! She's a spitting image of her daddy (blonde curly hair fair skin) except she got her grandmother's green eyes. Our 2nd almost turned out how I expected. Big brown eyes, brown STRAIGHT hair and she has a nice light tan colour to her skin. I can't wait to see what our next little one looks like!  

  • I am sure it is different and there's no guarantee what your baby will look like, but my best friend couple is indian dad + strawberry blond mom.  They have an adorable baby with a full head of dark hair and dark eyes.  He is now about a year and half and his hair lightened up a bit to dark brown instead of jet black hair he was born with but his eyes remained dark.  
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    This is not inappropriate at all! I personally love mixed babies! I don't personally know anyone of the same mix as you and your H, but from the sounds of it, your baby will be beautiful! 

    I'm Filipino (olive skinned, dark brown eyes and black hair) and DH is Caucasian (very fair skinned, blue eyes and brown hair) and we're so curious to see how LO will look like. I'm hoping he/she has DH's beautiful baby blue eyes but the chances of that are not very likely. But I can only wish. :)

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  • It sounds interasting I'm so curious how my baby will look like :)  I just can't wait and it seems sooooo long! Thank you for your replies :)
  • From my experience with my daughter...I have dark thick curly brown hair and brown eyes.  Husband has brown hair (was fire engine redhead growing up), strawberry blondish beard, and hazel eyes.  There was about a 5% chance our daughter would have blue eyes...and she does!  She also has strawberry blond wavy hair...and not super thick like mine.  She looks like a mini of my husband...she's got my nose and mouth, but that's it.  Someone at Target asked me the other day if I was a natural brunette.  I was confused until she looked at my kid.  Seriously, she does not look like she came from me at all. 
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  • My husband is Puerto Rican, I'm blonde haired, blue eyes, and pale white! DD is blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale white like her momm!
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  • I saw a little family at the playground the other day.  The dad was a darker skin color, I couldn't say which race, and mom was pale caucasian in appearance.  Their daughter had caramel colored skin, dark eyes, and perfectly ringletted dark hair.  Beautiful girl.
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    In a similar situation: I'm black and DH is Mexican. Personally, I believe that our child is going to be adorable. Not because of their mixed traces, but because he/she had two good looking parents, lol!
  • My husband is half Indian first generation and half Irish also first generation. He has an olive complexion with dark hair and blue eyes. His other family members got the darker skin tone. I am of European descent with dark hair and hazel eyes. I'm also wondering what our baby will look like, but I'm secretly hoping for a brown baby with blue eyes. Hehehe...


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