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How much do you xp pumpers put in each bag? Just curious.
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    8 oz..... but I wouldn't do that much if I didn't have twins. With DS 1 I never froze more than 5 oz in each bag.
  • I do 3oz bags (and have since the beginning).  DD started daycare at 9 weeks and took 3oz bottles, so it worked well at that point.  Even at (almost) 6 months old, she's now taking 3.5oz bottles.  So if I need to use frozen milk (or if I just want to rotate some out), I'll use a bag and then add half an ounce of fresh milk from what's in the fridge.  I pretty much keep up perfectly with her feeding though, and only freeze 9-12 ounces every 2-3 weeks.

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  • When LO was younger I put a slightly smaller amount 3-4 oz since that was a feeding for her.  Now I put @ 5 oz which is one feeding at DC. 
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  • I always do 4 oz. That's usually the amount he takes while at DC - And if they need more they can just combine multiple bags.


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  • I do 4 oz in each bag.  M's bottle are 5 oz.  She gets 4 oz bm and 1 oz prune juice.

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  • I usually put in whatever I pumped in a session. I also was ok with feeding and then putting the bottle back in the fridge if there was a little left, which I know not everyone would do.
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  • I'm not sure what an "xp" pumper is, but in case I fall in that category:

    I initially made 3oz bags because that is about how much she would take in a bottle at a time.  Now she takes 2 morning 5oz bottles, and a smaller one in the afternoon.  So, now I freeze both 5oz and whatever other size I happen to have pumped. 

    I'm now considering buying the covered ice cube trays to freeze some 1-oz portions to keep at daycare so they can warm up an occasional extra ounce. I was initially sending 3 5oz bottles and would have to throw out half of the afternoon one-- so I migth try sending 3oz bottle in the afternoon with a ziplock of frozen 1oz cubes they can use if she's extra hungry one day.

    THough now that she goes to daycare every day, I rarely freeze-- I try to send fresh as much as possible and then rotate through 2-3 frozen bags per week to keep my stash fresh.


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