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Career Change ... ?

Anyone else thinking about a major career change when heading back to work?  I don't mean deciding to become a SAHM, I'm thinking more along the lines of doing a different job that would bring more job satisfaction, etc....  I'm just starting to feel like I would like to enjoy what I do more so I don't feel so bad about being away from LO.  Anyone?... ...

Re: Career Change ... ?

  • I'm right there with you! But not sure what exactly I would like to do. And I'm not sure that I want to rock the financial stability to figure it out. Ugh, grown up responsibilities and decisions, lol.
  • I hit that point while I was pregnant.  I swtiched from a receptionist position at a non-profit agency that dealt heavily in Social Work (not my forte, I might add) to now I am a Teaching Assistant, working for a university, teaching English-- my complete and utter passion! I love my job.
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  • Definitely find something you love it makes all the difference. I'm going back to school in June for special education. Thankfully the university I'm going to has an online program so I can stay home with Luke until I go back to work. I feel like it will be easier, for me at least, knowing I'll be doing something I love and having spent time at home with him.
  • Deifnitely! I have always worked as an Office Manager for different small businesses and when I go back to work I plan on applying for positions with the Federal Gov. instead. Much better pay and benefits. Also, my MIL and SIL both work for the Gov so that can help me get a job :)
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  • Right now I enjoy both my jobs. My FT job as an internal auditor is usually pretty interesting, and it's incredibly flexible. I can go in any time between 7:30 and 9:30 and just have to put in an 8 hour day. As long as I don't have any meetings or fieldwork scheduled, I can wake up in the morning and take a vacation day at a moments notice. And since it's for local government, the health insurance is pretty amazing.

    I really, really love my PT job at a public library. I usually work 4 to 8 hours a week there and most of the time it barely feels like work. I have my CE for educational media in the state of NJ, so when DD starts school I might look into working as a school librarian so we can be on the same schedule, but we'll cross that bride when we come to it. My CE doesn't expire, so I figure as long as I keep my foot in the librarianship door, there's no rush!

  • I have a degree in Political Science but I'm working as a receptionist. I would love to do something with my degree, but working full time just isn't really in the cards with two kids. We couldn't afford the childcare!

    I'd love to find something part time that uses my skills/passion. I'm still working the same job I started when I was 16. Don't get me wrong, I love the people I work with and they are crazy flexible here, but appointment making and phone answering are not my passions.

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    I am actually in process of doing this right now.  My last day at my current job is today and I start my new job next Wednesday.  I am changing from high pressure sales and marketing to a director position in a more HR role.  It still has the sales and marketing aspect but it takes my career away from technology and more to staffing and recruiting.  It was a hard decision but when they contacted me about the position I got excited just thinking about it and the more research I did the more excited I got.  That told me I was moving in the right direction.  I had to make some major adjustments to our schedule at home to accommodate this new job but between the lower stress and higher pay its the best move for us.

     Good luck!

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