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bed wetting

Hi ladies. I usually post regarding my 3 month old son on the Feb 2013 board so this is my first time on this board regarding my DD. She will be 3 next month and has been out of diapers since 26 months. So heres the thing.... She was pretty easy to potty train and started not needing pull ups at night about 6 months ago. Well, all of a sudden, the last 2 weeks have been hell because she has suddenly started to wet the bed about 4 nights a week. I have stopped liquids an hour before bed and have her use the potty before bed. Has anyone else gone through this where they are fine for a long time then suddenly started wetting the bed? I don't know if this is a rebellious thing since the new baby arrived (she has been throwing a tantrum almost every day saying "I want to be a baby again! Give me diapers! Give me my paci! Put my shoes on for me! Pick me up!"). The worst part is she doesn't call for us or even wake up when she wets the bed. Its not until I get her up in the morning that I see the giant spot.

 I really don't want to put her back in pull ups because if she knows shes wearing something that she can pee in, she will even if I tell her not too. But her bed is pretty much ruined as it is. Is this her body growing and bed wetting is a result of it? Rebellion? Or suddenly sleeping too deeply? What do you think?

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Re: bed wetting

  • It could be a regression due to the new baby and/or the possibility that she is just not developmentally ready.  The average kid will usually not be night trained until closer to 5.  Stock up on laundry detergent.  Smile
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  • It could be a regression or maybe a growth spurt. If she's not even waking up, it's not something she can control.

    My oldest wasn't dry at night until she turned 6. DD2 was potty trained at 27 months. She'll be 3 in July and sometimes even leaks through her overnight diaper. I bought a Blue Max bed pad on amazon to layer. We have mattress pad, sheet, bed pad, sheet.

    We use cloth diapers now, and there are overnight trainers out there that look like undies. You may want to try something like that. Maybe she wouldn't pee in those like a pull up. Super Undies get good reviews. We haven't gone there yet bc DD2 still fits in what we have.

    Or you could try putting a pull up over her undies so she still feels wet.
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  • I haven't dealt with this.  My son has been pottytrained since he was like 25 months and he hasn't wet the bed since then.  But I did read a lot on this subject during the training.
    Some of the things we read were:
    Stop liquids 2 hours before bed
    Make them go potty twice during their bedtime routine: once at the beginning and once at the end
    Wake the child one hour after they've gone to sleep to go potty
    Make a bed on their floor and if they stir in the night, ask them to go potty

    This is the one we actually used because DS wasn't getting the night stuff for a couple of weeks...but it worked:
    Wake the child one hour before their normal wakeup time and have them go potty.

    Also, I constantly reminded him before bed "Make sure if you need to go potty you yell, 'Mama, potty!' and Mama or Mommy will come and get you!"

    It sounds like regression, but I really recommend waking an hour before normal time and having her go potty.  I noticed that DS would go before we got in to get him.
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