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FTM... What are you doing while baby sleeps?

If you've got just one baby, what do you do when they sleep during the day? Do you sleep too, or are you doing other things?
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Re: FTM... What are you doing while baby sleeps?

  • Clean, wash bottles, wash clothes sometimes, have diaper/desitin out for next change. If I have all that done, and my insomnia won't let me sleep..I post on here or play videogames.
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    Wash bottles make sure there are enough diapers, wipes etc in the right spots.  I tired that sleep when they are sleeping but unlike a newborn I don't fall asleep so quickly.
  • DD naps for 3 hours in the morning and I normally shower and get ready for the day then have lunch and clean. She has slept through the night since she was 7 weeks old so I don't usually need to nap when she does.
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  • I slept at first but now that my son is STN I use his nap times to get things done! It's amazing how much laundry a baby can accumulate ;-)
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  • For the first few weeks DS would only nap in my arms so I watched a lot of Netflix and Hulu! Now that I can put him down I usually shower and clean up around the house (dishes, laundry, etc) and sleep myself if I'm feeling tired and he sleeps for long enough! 
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  • the short story- clean and exercise.

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  • I exercise during her morning nap, eat lunch during her middle of the day nap and prep dinner during the later afternoon nap or sometimes I'll nap with her. 
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  • During the day, I rarely sleep while DS naps. If I did, I would never be able to shower or make dinner, and my house would be a wreck. I really don't have time to nap AND keep myself and my home up to my standards. I usually get about eight hours a night, though... DS will sleep from 9 pm until 8 am or so, waking up twice to eat.


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  • LO takes 4-5 naps a day, usually 45 minutes, and there's one that's longer but only if I come in after she wakes up from the first sleep cycle and hold her for 10ish minutes.

    first nap -eat breakfast

    second nap chores

    third nap (usualyl the longest)-chores, eat lunch, love on my dog

    fourth nap-nothing.  lounge

    fifth nap-usually in the sling, on me, during our evening walk with dad.

    the fifth nap may or may not happening, depending on when she gets up from her fourth nap. if its before 445, she takes another one, but after that I usually let her tough it out.

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  • Catch up on some household chores, exercise, or just have me time. I found it hard to sleep knowing that there was a sink full of dishes or huge piles of laundry.
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  • leasajleasaj
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    My LO is on a wanting to be held kick. I put her down she wakes up within 510 min.
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  • Pick up the house, wash dishes/bottles, throw in a load of laundry, ect.  We've been doing pretty good on the sleeping thing with LO.  If I'm tired I make it a priority to sleep with LO is sleeping.
  • If DS is around, I'm playing with him.  On the days he goes to the sitter, I relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.  That being said, I am very lucky that Piper is a very good sleeper, so I feel rested and don't need a nap- if she wasn't sleeping at night, I'd totally nap during the day.
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  • image rebus1983:
    Catch up on some household chores, exercise, or just have me time. I found it hard to sleep knowing that there was a sink full of dishes or huge piles of laundry.



  • Not a FTM and my baby barely sleeps but...

    I do laundry, stuff cloth diapers, sweep, vacuum, load/unload dishwasher, eat... If I had time, I would start working on my photo books.

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  • I usually can't sleep during the day but if I'm really tired ill cuddle with my baby on the couch and take a nap. (I'm really enjoying the newborn cuddle stage ?) But other than that, clean the house, give my 2 dogs some much needed attention since they've been feeling a little neglected :( , cook, do my online schoolwork... Once I'm all healed and ready I will be exercising during that time also. 
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