Hey all I am a FTM my little one is 3 weeks old. I breastfeed and pump, we also just introduced a bottle with BF milk this week. I need some support. I feel like I am constantly feeding LO. I also feel gulty that I don't love breastfeeding 24/7. I feel like I am suppose to love it but honesty I don't when I don't get a break. The past 2 days LO has been feeding nonstop from around 4pm8pm I herd this is normal. I need some words of wisdom because i don't want to give up just because I am getting frustrated! I don't hate breastfeeding all the time, its only when he is going through his cluster feeds! Someone please tell me this gets easier! I feel guilty for even writing a post complaining about bfing haha!
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Re: Support

  • It does get better and easier.  Find some good TV or a good book, put your feet up, relax and nurse away.  You're doing great, Momma!
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  • The first six weeks made me crazy with both babies. I think I lived in my bathrobe and never left the rocking chair. After 6 weeks it was like a switch flipped. Suddenly things got way better. I hear that's how it is for almost everyone. 

    The first few weeks are terrible. You are exhausted, covered in milk, bleeding from your lady bits and your nipples hurt like a b****. But don't give up, because I promise it gets a million times better after just a few more weeks! 

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  • Hugs to you Momma!
    You are doing great and giving your baby a priceless gift that is so good! I know how you feel! I almost gave up too this week. Mine will be 4 weeks in 2days. My nipples hurt really bad, I had a plugged duct in my left boob and I was engorged. Not fun! I have a 3 and a half year old too so trying to divide attention is tough, but we can do it. When my son is hungry again after an hour, I think of it as him saying "mommy stop working so hard and come relax and nurse me." I know it sounds silly, especially when my house needs to be cleaned and laundry is piled up but when I focus on my children, nothing else matters and their smiles make me feel so much better!
    Just be patient and bond with your little one, these days fly by and you dont get them back. Enjoy this time...even in the middle of the night.
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    (((Hugs)))) the first few weeks kinda suck. Things got much better for me around 6 weeks. Those first few weeks I just hang out on the couch, nurse, and watch tv :)

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  • It does get easier. I wanted to quit often at first, but I stuck with it and it's getting much better. Do you have a local La Leche League chapter? Their support group meeting helped me a lot.



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    I feel for you girl! I know it sucks but the benefits are worth it and you will be happy you stuck it through! Maybe grab a Nook to keep you occupied? Big hugs to you, Mama!
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    Ditto everyone else. But, if you need a break during a cluster feed then hand the baby off. Get up, get a drink, get a snack, hop in the shower for a minute, whatever. If baby cries the whole time, it's fine, do what you need to maintain your sanity. Baby will be fine for a few minutes. It's just long enough for you to regain your composure and get yourself settled for the next round.


    This!  At first I had a hard time letting DH help, because I didn't want her to get stressed out and cry.  And then I realized I was losing my sanity and that babies cry and that it's OKAY.  When I was on maternity leave, I would take the dog for a walk every day when he got home and leave the baby with him.  Even if she cried some, it helped for me to get out of the house for 20 minutes by myself! (if you don't have a dog, just go walk around the block)

    It got a lot better for us around the 6 week mark, but it was not fun before that.  Like you, I felt guilty for not loving it.  To be perfectly honest, I still don't LOVE it, but I know it's best for DD, it's free, and it's much less time consuming than formula.  Those 3 things kept me going (and still do sometimes).  It's also not as much of a big deal when feeds only take 5-10 minutes.  Hang in there! 


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  • Thanks everyone for the great advice!
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  • I'm a second time around mom who is exclusively pumping for the second time. This time it's not by choice because my preemie baby is in the NICU. I feel like I'm attached to the pump and have to schedule everything (including work and getting to the hospital) around getting back home to pump in time. I've thought about quitting several times and think it's completely natural. I think lots of us feel like quitting because this is a huge sacrifice of time and our bodies. Watching television or movies have really helped to pass the time by when I am pumping and gives me something else to focus on other than that feeling of being tied down. When I wake in the middle of the night to pump, I check facebook. You'll get through it, your baby will be healthier because of it and you'll be proud of the job you've done. And in a few months, you'll have your body back!
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