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STM's- were you induced? if so when?

My daughter was late, and I am showing no progress today when they checked me.  They have scheduled my induction date for early next week, but I am wondering if I should just push the induction further off so I can let this happen on my own?  Yes, I am uncomfortable and yes, i want this to happen soon, but I just don't know what to do. 

Re: STM's- were you induced? if so when?

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    I went naturally but I would have went as long as they would have let me. I wanted her out but maybe you are meant to go longer. I was induced with my first one and regret letting it happen but had Gd and they told me he was really big and he wasn't. They were talking about it again if I got to 40 weeks they would only let me go a few days past because of GD.
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  • With my first, i was basically induced 4 days overdue because i went to the hospital cause my water had broken, so i thought. it hadn't though. with this one, I'm getting induced monday which i'll be 41 weeks and 3 days. i'd go longer but doctor doesnt feel comfortable letting me go longer when i'm attempting a vbac. let's hope nature takes its course before then though :)
  • I was induced this time for medical reasons but if its the induction you are concerned about, don't be! I had to have Pitocin with both my deliveries and this one was certainly much easier than the first!
  • I was induced with my first at 41w2d.  I was induced yesterday and had my baby girl last night at 39w3d because she was promising to be a very big full term baby (and she is - she was 8lbs 12 oz at four days early)

    My second induction was faster by five hours and I only had to push for 5 contractions to get her out.

  • DS1 came at 37w5d, I had a c/s with my twins at 38w (and showed no signs of going into labor anytime soon).  With this last pg I was hoping for a VBAC and my OB won't induce a VBAC.  The latest he was comfortable letting me go was 41w, 41w came and I had a c/s that evening, I think he got a little too cozy in there and was planning on staying until he was forced out.

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    41w,6d. Expecting to go the same this time.

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