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GMD vs Imagine Prefolds?

I'm debating between getting the GMD Cloth-eez or Imagine "Smart Fit" prefolds in organic.

Any insight into differences? Anyone try both?

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Re: GMD vs Imagine Prefolds?

  • I'm interested to read the responses! I am considering gmd prefolds.
  • This may not exactly answer your question, buuuut I have the imagine bamboo and I for real love them. They are nice and thin and soak up everything while fitting nicely with any cover. I also have the bummis organic nonbleached prefolds and like them a lot as well. They are bulkier, though. I was actually just looking up the GMD Workhorses. They seem to be a good product with great reviews. I don't have the GMD prefolds, but I would assume that they are as liked as the workhorses!
  • I can't speak for the imagine PF's, but we use GMD's exclusively. We love them. We're on baby #2 with them.
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    I have some of both, and honestly LOVE them both.  I bought my Imagines in size medium as kind of an add-on to another order I was placing just to see what they are like.  So I've only been using them for 2.5 months.  So far they've held up great though. 

    To echo PP, for the price I think the Imagine bamboo are awesome. You're getting the absorbency and trimness of bamboo for only like $0.25 more a prefold.  The only downside is that they take a little longer to dry than a regular cotton prefold.

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  • I use the imagines and love them.  If I remember correctly,I think I chose them because they were cheaper than the GMD's...but don't quote me on that

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