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Please keep me in your thoughts.

I went in for my first US last Friday to finally see the little one.  I was supposed to be 10 weeks, but baby was only measuring 6 weeks with no heartbeat.  I go in tomorrow for a followup US to see if their is any further development.  It is unlikely as I am so far behind, but my wonderful OB wants to make sure.  If there is no further development, I will have a D&C tomorrow.

I was shocked and, of course, upset by the news, but my family has been wonderful.  Even Chase has crawled up into my lap and gently brushed my tears away with his fist.  Right now I'm trying to count my blessings, and maintain a balance between having hope and not getting my hopes up too high. 

Chase was born 4/23/2011
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Re: Please keep me in your thoughts.

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