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Anyone's LO using a bumbo yet? I thought DD was too little but she has good head control and DH put her in it one night. She did good. She sat up in it but she sometimes leans to her right side. Does this count as tummy time? I hope so because she HATES tummy time.

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  • My pedi told me LO on our chest leaning back a little counts she seemed all for us holding him sort of upright for head control, so I don't really see why not, especially since for now LO hates tummy time
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    How old is your LO?  Mine is 11 weeks and his physical therapist said not to put them in there this young because they don't have the neck strength and slouch.  However other moms disagree and think it has helped with the neck strength so if you are I would do it in small amounts.

    There is youtube video floating around about alternative tummy time that was helpful.  I am sure you can just do a search on youtube.

  • Mine's been using it since about week 7, but he's had strangely good head control since day 1.
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  • I actually tried it out today.. He really does well in small spurts. He does start to lean to the left and then I take him out.
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  • Dd is 11 weeks and we've put her in it twice...she has decent head control butstill slouches a bit so i don't think she's quite ready for it yet.
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  • She is 10 weeks old but like previous post said she has also had really good head control since day 2 or 3. She was actually lifting her head up to look at me when she laid on her tummy on my chest at 3 days old. Pedi is always amazed at how strong she is for hr age. Also like someone said she does well in spurts. I only try it if she is really wide awake and holding her head really well. If she slouched I take her out. The longest she's ever stayed in is maybe 5 min?
  • I've been using the bumbo since Ellie was 9 weeks and now at 12 weeks I put her in her jumperoo today. I surrounded her with blankets and put a book under her feet and she had SO much fun!
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