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Snuggle time

I get jealous when I hear moms talking about their babies snuggling or napping with them. My babies are so squirmy and really don't like it. Maybe at night if I pull one into bed if he is being fussy then he will cuddle but rarely. Not to mention I can't really nap with one while the other is up because I just don't have enough arms for twins! I sometimes feel like I miss out on a lot of one on one time with my babes because there are two. And now one hour before I am supposed to go out with some friends Luke falls asleep in my arms. So we are snuggling on the couch and I have no desire to move. Loving this so much.

Re: Snuggle time

  • Snuggle time is one of my favorite things about maternity leave! Once I go back to work, the weekend snuggles will have to suffice.. At that point, I'll wish we had twins, because that's when daddy wants his snuggles, and we'll have to start sharing.
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  • My LO isn't really a snuggler, either. He loves to be played with, but if I wanted to sit on the couch and just hold him, he'd squirm to be out.  I'm hoping when he's a touch older and has a better idea of who I am I will get some loving from him, haha!
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