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Is there really a "pop"?


I'm almost 3 1/2 months pregnant and am at the awkward stage where maternity pants are too big and regular pants are too small. I've heard that there is typically a point where you look in the mirror one day go "Wow, there's the bump" and it almost seems to pop out (or pooch) overnight and your clothes definitely don't fit any more. Is this true? Lately I'm feeling more fat than pooch or pop lol. Is it too early?

Re: Is there really a "pop"?

  • I think there may be. I wore a pair of pants last week that fit fine...now I wear them today and was uncomfortable and tight in them. I swear my stomach grew the past 4-5 days.

    I do however feel more fat then pregnant. I'm just ready to look pregnant! 

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  • I didn't "pop". It was slow progress, and still is because some days I still look more like I'm fat, not pregnant. Seems like the less bloated I am, the more pronounced the "bump" is rather than my whole stomach.

  • I did have that "pop" moment around 24 weeks. You're still fairly early so I would say give it some time.
  • Maybe less "pop" then one day you look on a picture of what used to be a big belly in your mind, and realize it's itty bitty in comparison to the one your sporting. I've had day's where I thought "Where did that come from". 

  • I had a pop moment. For the most part I just felt fat but I looked at myself in the mirror at around 16 weeks and thought to myself damn I look pregnant. 
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  • When I'm naked, I look fat. In clothes, I look preggo. Mine didn't start until about 16 weeks though. Tried suffering my prepreggo jeans at work with a belly band. That's when I gave up and moved to the maternity jeans. Everyone's different though.
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  • 2 weeks ago at 23 weeks, I actually had a teacher at my daughters school walk up to me and say "I can actually tell  you're pregnant!" I said "so you just thought I was fat beforehand?" ROFL!!!

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  • There was no "pop" for me...just a slow progression from my stomach looking chubby to growing rounder and sticking out further until it looked like a baby belly at around 13-14 weeks.
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  • I don't think I ever really popped. Depending on what I wear I either look pregnant of fat. 

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  • atcwagatcwag
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    I swear this is going to sound unbelieveable, but I'm still baffled myself.  I had the "pop" moment at 15w1d.  I wear khaki pants to work every day.  That Monday, I wore a pair of non-maternity khakis and other than a little bloating at the very end of the day, I was fine.  On Tuesday, I woke up and was like "What the heck is this?"  I tried on the same exact pants to wore the day before and couldn't even button them up.  I figured it was just bloat and was a little annoyed.  I got home from work that day (DH doesn't see me out of bed in the AM b/c he leaves early) and DH said "HOLY COW!  Where did that come from?!?!"  I've been in maternity pants ever since.  I was surprised it happened that fast as a FTM, but everyone is different I guess.
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  • For me there was. Right around 1.5 weeks ago I noticed that my belly had 'popped' out and, for lack of better words, I couldn't suck it in anymore. I think it's around the time your uterus becomes too big for your pelvis. For some it is a more pronounced shift than others. I'm on the smaller end, so perhaps I noticed it more.

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  • I had a small pop around 15-16 weeks where it looked rounder and less like I was fat. Thank god! 
  • for me there have been several pops. ask my mother... she notices every. blasted. one...

    I chubbed like crazy til 15 weeks, then went to yoga pants and at 17 ish I had my first pop (all the sudden my chub was round.) and then at 19 I went from even with the boobies to bump central. and now apparently in the past 4 days my stomach has become massive.  

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  • I didn't pop, just had a gradual progression. I'm 22 weeks now and I look pregnant. Around 18 weeks strangers started getting brave enough to ask me if I was pregnant, so I must have looked more pregnant than fat then, but I didn't ever have a moment where I woke up and felt like "whoa! I'm pregnant!" Dh has had a few "whoa, you look really pregnant" moments though lol
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  • I think the "pop" is when the baby comes out of your pelvic cavity... it all really depends on (IMO) your height, body type pre-pregnancy etc.

    I'm 5'10'' and I barely look pregnant at 16w4d... but that's also good.  I asked my OB about it and she said she would be concerned if I looked super pregnant right now.

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  • My first pregnancy it was more of a gradual thing. I started wearing maternity shirts before I needed to because they helped me look pregnant rather than just fat!

    But this pregnancy, I totally popped. One day I could wear my skirt comfortably, maybe unzipping it at the end of the day; two days later, literally the same skirt, I realized if I was going to wear it I had to have it unzipped! 

    So it can go either way! :) 

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  • I had bloat up until 12 weeks then I seemed to pop.  I bought a belly band to wear with my regular pants left open.  So this week now that I am almost 20 weeks, I have my first pair of maternity pants on at work.  Jeans I am still fine with, they are lower rise. 
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    It's different for each women and pregnancy, but I definitely popped overnight at 17 weeks. It was all bloat up until then, but there was a big difference overnight. I literally had to run to Target during lunch to get a belly band.

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  • It has been gradual for me, but this morning I woke up and felt like it was totally different. More rounded, I guess, and bump like than just fat looking. Even the husband noticed and said that I looked bigger and more pregnant. So that was 15w2d for me, if it indeed was a "pop". 
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  • Every woman/pregnancy is different. I feel like, for me, it was more of a slow transition. However, at almost 24 weeks I definitely notice a difference more in my bump and clothing than I did earlier in my 2nd tri.
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  • slh6363slh6363
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    At 16 weeks my pants still fit me...now I use a bellaband for most. Some still fit if the are low rise. It took me by surprise when the same pants I wore the last week suddenly wouldn't button!
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  • I'm 26 weeks with my first and still haven't. People still can't really tell I'm pregnant. It would have been interesting to see how long I could have gotten away with not telling anyone :
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  • 21 weeks (5 months) and still no "pop", still feel fat :(  I think it really depends on how you are carrying, size, body type, etc.  I'm 5'8" and have a pretty boxy build, so I think it'll be this way for a while.
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