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Cramping, spotting, just waiting for active labor - Would love some encouragement

Saw midwife yesterday, who stripped my membranes. I was "at least 4cm" and 90% effaced. I've been having what feel like BH contrax for past couple of weeks. Now I'm also having tons of cramping and spotting (w lots of mucus). Not sure how much is just irritation from the membrane sweep or if something is actually happening.

My last birth was very fast, so Midwife basically expects me to kick into intense labor out of nowhere. (Last time, my water broke spontaneously and contractions were under 3 min apart within an hour. My son was born in under 6 hours. It was so intense that I got the epidural, despite my natural birth plan. -- And this time I'm starting more dilated and much more effaced.)

I'm trying really hard not to be anxious, wondering if this cramping is a sign that things will happen soon, and really trying to believe that I can do it med-free this time.

(Did I mention that I have a toddler, who is coming to the birth, who we also have to worry about loading into the car quickly when labor starts?) 

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Re: Cramping, spotting, just waiting for active labor - Would love some encouragement

  • Hang in there mama. I just got back from MW and I am 2cm fully effaced with contractions every five or ten. Hoping for a quick labor like you. Hope we are not waiting days more for our LO arrival. 
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  • I'm so excited for you! I'm very confident that you can do it. What are the cliche things I should say? Things like relax and breathe lol.
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