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Need help ladies!!

Chase is sleeping like crap!! He has always been a terrible sleeper and we have always chalked it up to his constant illnesses but for the past 2 weeks he is struggling to sleep. He goes to daycare every day and has a very set schedule there. He plays hard and naps from 12-1:45 everyday. He usually goes to bed at 8. He will sleep for exact;y 3 hours and then start tossing and turning and crying in his sleep from 11-12:30. Then he ends up wide awake from 12:30-2. At that point he will slowly start to fall back asleep until 4:30. He wakes at 4:30 every day no matter how early or late he goes to bed. It literally is like clockwork every night!

I am at a loss here. I don't see any new teeth coming in. Only once in the past 2 weeks has he had an epsiode of night terrors and that was last night. No runny nose, congestion, or sickness.

Sleep deprivation is really starting to get to me and Chase. He is already getting dark circles under his eyes. At 21 months he is lucky to sleep 8 hours a night and the poor baby is so frustrated. You can see the frustration in his face when he tries to sleep and can't.

Any ideas here?

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Re: Need help ladies!!

  • No advice but I feel your pain, we are in a similar boat.
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  • What happens if he goes down earlier? Say 7?

    Is he totally awake and want to play or is he upset and needs something? You're right, he's not getting enough sleep.


  • Same thing happens if he goes down at 7. Chase has only slept through the night 12 times in 21 months. Yes, I have counted because it never happens!!!!!

    Totally awake but doesn't want to play. He will cry and drink a little milk and then he wants to watch cartoons. Only thing that calms him until he can go back to sleep. Not ideal but at midnight I give in because it is clear he isn't going back to sleep for a while.

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  • Hugs, hang in there. Liam was a terrible sleeper and finally at 4, things are getting better.

    My only advice is consistency is key with most kids; white noise, an extra fan, extra comfy covers and the exact same bedtime routine every night.

    Good luck, things will get better!

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  • That sounds miserable.

    What if you go in when he first starts tossing and turning at 11:00? Would it be easier to get him back to sleep at that point instead of letting him wake up all the way?

    Do you use white noise? Do you give him a cup of water or anything? I've started using a fan again, and I give him a sippy of water (which I take out before I go to bed) because that sometimes helps him fall asleep.

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  • I would seriously call the pedi. Sounds like you've done all you can do and now you need a professional intervention. 8 hours is not enough!! My girlfriend has THREE sons who won't sleep and her pedi has them all on melatonin so maybe your pedi will have a suggestion for you. 
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  • I don't know. I thin if it were me, I would call the children's hospital and see if they have a sleep clinic (ours does) that would take him in. I am sorry mama. I know how bad sleep deprivation sucks :(
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  • Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I have called the doctor, just waiting on a call back. White noise has never worked for Chase and he sleeps with a fan and a humidifier on every night so those don't make a difference in it either.

    Thankfully he did sleep a little better last night. Went to bed at 7(daycare said he was tired all day..well duh!), woke at 10:45 got 2 ounces of milk, went back to sleep and woke at 2, calmed him down and went back to sleep but was up for good at 4:45.

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