Measuring 10 weeks ahead

I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow.   My OB just started taking abdomen measurements 2 appointments ago.   At yesterday's appointment she said I'm measuring 38 weeks on the singleton scale.  I guess they don't have a multiples scale.   No wonder I'm so unwieldy and getting up from sitting or sleeping now requires significant effort and grunting on my part!

I know everyone is different but I'm curious now how I'm doing on the MOMs scale.   How far ahead did you measure? 

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Re: Measuring 10 weeks ahead

  • I've been consistently measuring about 7 weeks ahead, but they haven't done my measurements in awhile because I've been seeing the practice midwife because of scheduling and she says she doesn't do them because it's not a good measuring tool.  I'm betting my OB does it again in 2 weeks and I'm curious to see what I'm measuring because I'm pretty close to as big as I was when I delivered my son!
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  • I measured 57 weeks when I delivered at 40w0d


    We welcomed our girls on 11.7.12 @ 40w0d!
    Emerson Lily 6 lbs 13 oz & Ellis Willow 6 lbs 9 oz

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    10 weeks ahead!! Im 125 lbs, 5'6.

    I was huge. Delivered at 36w measuring 46w!
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  • I was consistently measuring 6 weeks ahead until closer to the end. When I delivered at almost 38 weeks I was measuring 56 weeks but I did have 13 lbs of baby.. so that was probably why.. haha.
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  • I measured 54 weeks about a week or two before i delivered at 37 weeks and 4 days!
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  • I'm measuring about 10 weeks ahead. I feel like I'm ready to give birth but have 10 weeks to go. I am only 5'2 with short torso. Nowhere for these babies to go but out. I'm afraid for the next 2 months given how uncomfortable I am now..


  • I'm 23 weeks and measuring 40. I personally love looking pregnant and can't wait to see how great of a bump I end up with.


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  • CeeBugCeeBug
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    I was measuring 3 weeks ahead about a month ago. The doctor said that my weight gain was "excessive" about three times and told me to watch it. I wasn't pleased.

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  • Same - about 10 weeks.  Was 50 weeks at the end (39 weeks gestation) and had 13 lbs of twins in there.  Sounds like your sweeties are growing well!
  • been measuring 10 weeks ahead or more consistently since almost the start! I am 27w today and she measured me at 40weeks today.  I am about 5'9 and both babies are measuring pretty big so far per the MFM, who i see again next week for my monthly with her.  85 and 65th percentile last time at 24w.
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    I've been measuring between 7 to 8 weeks ahead at every appointment.
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    I'm currently 33 weeks at measuring 4 weeks ahead at 37 weeks! I'm 5'6 and last growth scan babies were measuring in 50th and 70th %.. 


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  • hjoy_06hjoy_06
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    I delivered at 36w1d and I was measuring 56 weeks!! But, my boys were 6lb 1oz and 6lb 4oz and didn't need one bit of "help" after delivery so even though I was feeling so HUGE it was totally worth it!


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