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Hello ladies! I got my BFP this morning at 10 DPO! I had the start of a triphasic chart after a temp spike the last 3 mornings, so I decided to take a test this morning. The second line was faint but there on FRER, and my husband saw it too when I showed him. We are excited and in shock! When I told him "You're gonna be a daddy, cause I'm pregnant!" he just sat there looking at me for a few minutes before the news sunk in. I'm 3w5d pregnant and my first OB appt is June 4th.

A little about us: we just got married in February and are both 27. We wanted to wait a little longer to have a baby because we are more than likely moving in August and have a vacation planned in November, but God had other plans (and we're okay with that)! I've been charting and temping (NFP), and I ovulated late this month, which meant we weren't being careful and BAM! Pregnant with our first baby! We actually conceived on Mother's Day, which is ironic.

Anyway, I'm excited to be joining you ladies! EDD is January 31st, 2014, but could potentially move into February since I ovulated late. I had light dull cramping all last week, and then at 8 DPO nausea started. I'm hoping M/S won't start so early, but looks like it's rearing its ugly head already.

Me: 28, DH: 28 | Married 2/9/13
BFP #1: 5/22/13 | EDD 2/1/14 | MMC confirmed 6/27/13 | Natural MC 6/28/13
BFP#2: 12/15/13 |
Elinor Sadie born 8/10/14
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