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Not rolling belly to back

My LO is 7 1/2 mo and has never rolled belly to back. She can roll the other way but doesn't care to very often. A friend suggested 0-3 for early intervention. I wasn't too concerned until she said that. She sits beautifully a d started at 5 mo. What do you guys think? Even when I help her roll belly to back it's very awkward. She's tall and her limbs just don't seem to know where to go. Most babies do this very young so I am starting to worry.
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Re: Not rolling belly to back

  • Is she hitting other milestones? Interest in scooting or crawling yet?

    My LO rarely rolls, pretty sure when she does its by pure accident. But she learned to belly scoot in circles really early and that keeps her busy enough. She also sits without support though she can't pull herself into or out of a sit.. Probably goes with the no interest in rolling thing.
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  • sica077sica077
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    I wouldn't say most babies do this very young. Mine just started to seriously roll a few weeks ago. Until then, he wasn't too interested in it. And, honestly, I think when he rolls belly to back it is more an accident than anything else... he tries so hard to see everything that he ends up rolling over in the process. I also found that anytime I tried to help or persuade our little guy into rolling, it always looked awkward. Is your pedi concerned? Like PP asked, is your LO hitting other milestones? At our six month appt. C could just barely stay sitting on his own for a second but was reaching all other milestones pretty reliably so our pedi said no cause for concern.

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  • mbm1983mbm1983
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    what does your pediatrician say about it?
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  • Some babies just aren't interested in rolling. If you're really concerned, you should talk to the pediatrician.
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  • We go to a kinder musik class once a week and the babies are all so different. One little girl who is a week older than z but of similar size 20 lbs, rolls the whole time. Z is happiest sitting and will do some all four rocking or backwards army crawl... The other baby hates sitting and shows zero interest in crawling right now.
    Keep in mind babies are all different. We have a huge variety on this board even of where and what our LOs are doing...
    If you are worried about it, talk to your pediatrician.
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  • I'm mainly a lurker chiming in to say my dd is 7 months and can't roll either way at all. She just shows zero interest. I'm not at all worried and neither is our pedi. She is sitting up and hitting other milestones. Babies all do everything in their own time.
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